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  1. The other day I heard someone say something about blunts making weed lose 30% of thc or something? What? This can't be true.. But does anyone here understand the truth to this 'myth'?
  2. You honestly lose very little in a blunt, assuming someone doesn't sit on it for 5 minutes.
  3. Ohhh okay, yeah I understand.
  4. Well, you get more out of your weed with a pipe or bong rather than a blunt. This is because the blunt is always lit and some is burning off. It's not that big of a difference, I still smoke a lot of blunts cuz it's something different and kinda gives you a different kinda high.
  5. smoking blunts is just more fun

  6. especially when its not just a solo session! Passing around a blunt > passing around a pipe or bong any day

  7. But there is ALWAYS the moocher who never has weed that sits on it for 5 minutes.

  8. Depends on your smoking style I guess, I don't smoke with people who act disrespectful like that so I never have that issue but i understand sometimes it can be hard to avoid if you're just a social smoker or something.
  9. In my experience, joints burn faster and canoe easier than blunts. These were some pearled joints, too. I also seem to get higher off of blunts.

    That said, I'm getting sick of the debates over how to smoke weed. Everyone's different, I'd say just do what you enjoy most and keep your opinions and made-up facts (i.e. blunts make weed lose 30% thc) to yourself.
  10. Blunts are the fucking shit
  11. Only problem with blunts is the tobacco and they cause back problems
  12. Head rush is nice
  13. Pagahahahah I know where that's from and your fucking real

  14. That's true with glass as well. Maybe not as much, but it still happens.
  15. ? ? ?

  16. Not true, I tamp my bowl after each hit and lose very little smoke. Blunts and joints are a waste of weed, no matter what. Think about that giant plume of smoke you lose the second you stop dragging on it..
  17. ya thats bull shit. if anything blunts/joints are better that bowls cuz they stay lit like a cherried bowl would and that means your getting more thc cuz its not burning away.

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