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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by megdelise, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I love a nice fat blunt! Here are a just a few rolled by yours truly :p

    Post pics of your pretty blunts :)

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  2. Don't get me wrong, I love pipes, joints, and bongs, but I love my blunts

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  3. ive never even rolled a blunt in my whole lifee, when im smoking with other people somebody else always knows how to roll and alone its too much weed for myself so i guess i never got around to it. i roll a mean J though. :)
  4. Unless you roll tiny little joints you could roll a blunt instead once in awhile :)

    .8 is the minimum I'll put in a rillo. Most rillos are hard to fit more than 1.5 at most in.
  5. lmfao thats exactly what i do, skinny ass js rolled tight. and if im feelin real cheap ill spliff it too, that is only if im toking by myself, nobodys wants to throw 5 for a part tobacco j. even if i wanted to roll a blunt that would mean id have to learn, im pretty lazy but ill get to it sometime in the near future and smoke it with at least one other person, i just couldnt smoke one by myself id feel like im wasting so much. but dude theres something about blunts, you can get so incredibly ripped off them, like moreso than a piece or j with the same amount/more bud.
  6. Rolling a blunt is actually pretty easy. It just takes practice. Buy a 3 pack of White Owls and by the second rillo you'll have a smokable blunt :)
    Besides if you can roll a j you're probably good!
  7. Using my little pipe tonight because I'm out of town and low on green :/

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  8. a girl who likes to pearl up blunts. It's akin to seeing a bald eagle. You know they exist and you've seen a few in your life but they are rare.
  9. Candela leaf dutch, ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh.
  10. Just rolled this sour d up and the first thing my friend said when he saw it was, "WAMBO!"

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