Blunts Vs Papers

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  1. tell me what you guys like better and suggestions on good papers or blunts

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    Well it varies on the situation, if im with a group of friends I go with blunts because they burn WAY slower than papers. If if by myself I'll roll up a nice J or load a bowl
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    I like both but I'd say more often than not I'd take a blunt over a joint. I find rolling blunts to be a lot more enjoyable its like building a piñata, it's pretty fucking fun; rolling a joint definitely isn't fun haha, at least to me; its just a machine-esque action i feel like a robot
    but I'd take anything over shitty cigarilla blunts; swishers and white owls are just reprehensible to me; gotta pick the dutch, backwood, vega, game, etc; preferably just the sweet flavor but anything works 
    also blunts just naturally burn slower, i feel like it conserves your bud a bit; ....maybe

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