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  1. I'm a longtime smoker and recently got into bongs now that i moved out of my parents house but since a young age I've been smoking blunts (6-7 years) and I have tried every flavor and brand in the book.... I want real ass blunt smokers (not casual blunt smokers) to let me know what the best brand is and why...

    Game / Phillies / Swisher / White Owl?

    Personally I went from white owl to swishers to games and then back and forth a while until I eventually stuck to games as I got older. green game Is the purest blunt and my regular blunt. It's sweet plain and always fresh and rolls up better than fruity flavored games. Very smooth if you can roll. Imo everybody (most) who thinks white owl is the best brand is on drugs. They are easier to roll and smoother on the throat but burn fast as fuck. Games deliver you the best bang for your buck. Get more out of are blunt than my bong sometimes.. super high tolerance smh... what cha think!?

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  2. Had a boy years back that swore by dutchs, personally I find they are far too dry to use reliably. I like white owls purely for ease of use. If someone else is rolling(most of the time as I suck rolling blunts) it's whatever their preferred brand is.
  3. "Get more out of are blunt than my bong sometimes"

    How does this work? You get more out of blunts than bongs you put a gram minimum in a blunt,you can put 0.2/3gs in a bong and get ripped :confused_2::confused_2:
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  4. love rolling blunts and make it look good lol i personally go for white owl too and game. swissers that's like old school for me same with backwoods when i started smoking blunts i would smoke those though im not into swisser sweets or backwoods and or blunt wraps even though they have good flavor i feel they are annoying to roll if you missed a stem by mistake and poke a hole and i feel they burn fast ugh if i really want a session to last and squeeze as much as i can to make it last ill get a garcia y vega which is what game is made by but i hear dutch is really slow burning too i mean i guess to me it depends if i'm looking to make a long session or i really want flavor that differ for me on blunt brands to get i glaze my blunts sometimes with 3 to 4 coats of honey here and there too lol.
  5. my buddy from work used to think like that until i gave him a collapsible bong, now he almost never rolls, just packs bowls.
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  6. 90% of the time I smoke bowls I only ever have blunts/joints if I'm out or round a friends house
  7. Duchess or backwood, usually just a fresh Cannabis leaf. IMG_0040.jpg
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  8. Why have you put keif on the outside of the blunt? It will just burn off and won't get you any higher.. You should of put it inside the blunt bruh
  9. It burns with the Tobacco leaf. It's hash not Kief. You've never had one? Here's a joint with even larger pieces of hash and kief on the right. You put it on the inside too.


  10. I've had them before just seems like a waste, and hash is just pressed kief?
  11. That is definitely a waste

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  12. How so? When it's all being burned, the hash burns right with the weed and joint paper. Your inhaling all of it.

    Same question as above, and they wouldn't be selling these in dispensaries if they were a "waste", they'd simply remove them from the shelf or not accept my orders. They sell very well. It's obvious you haven't tried it.
  13. Im sure it gets you higher than normal but when you are smoking a joint with all that hash on the outside, the hash will mostly just burn off as sidestream smoke

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  14. If your not taking a pull from it of course it will just like the weed in the joint. The paper burns with the hash, it has to be the right consistency of course. Try it.
  15. Swishers the best blunts. Games are bad news for your throat. White owls are ok I guess. I'll take swishers any day they burn pretty slow of rolled correctly.

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  16. I have a freakishly high tolerance. it's scary. I have never taken a tolerance break in over 6-7 years. I stopped one time for a week when I was younger because I got caught smoking for the first time. My logic behind that is pretty much, I could smoke a blunt and hit it 40 times. (white owl would be morel like 20 lmao) but If i had a G with my bong I would pack maybe like .15 per bowl (roughly) and hit those maybe like 2 times each. Lets say 6 and a half bowls. thats 13 hits for me. Im a big guy and have a lot of lung capacity so they are 13 pretty monster/decent hits so it would catch up with my blunt a bit but never really reach it. I was smoking blunts for 3 years before i got a bong. If i don't do it too often... a Gravity bong will get me fucked up off like a .6-.8 like if i smoked 2 blunts... I do build up a tolerance to the "magic" of the GB pretty much as soon as it works for me. I do understand what you saying tho bro. Theres not many people with a tolerance like me. I envy a lot of people who are able to make .3 get them high.
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  17. I definitely agree on swishers. But yup those games are the shit for slow burning if you know how to pearl!!! Dutches are cool they are almost equivelent to games just with a stronger tobacco flavor/kick because its a bit more leafy.

    So you put multiple thin coats of honey and let them dry into the leaf between coats? thats interesting. I have put honey on a blunt before but it just made it a bit harsh
  18. Thats what I call litty city on the left

  19. I get you now lol I've easily gone through a gram or more already today had a joint and 3 bowls and its only 10 to 3 in the afternoon :smoking:
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