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Blunts v joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheNique, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I'm getting my first sack tomorrow, and I tried practicing rolling blunts (re-rolling Swishers) and found it damn hard, mostly because the wrap kept falling apart. Should I keep trying those or are joints easier? I don't really want to have to resort to a water bottle or soda can.
  2. If your wraps falling apart make sure to get your lips really wet and soften the swisher after you gut it. it keeps the sliced part of the swisher from falling apart. Also, when you go to the store and get the swish, make sure the one you get is soft and doesnt make a crunchy sound when squish it. That means the tobbacco inside is dry and the swish is old.
  3. First off, NEVER smoke out of a soda can; you risk breathing in fumes made from the can- a very unsafe practice. Anyways to answer your question blunts are much easier to roll than joints. Think of it this way: a joint is made by rolling a flat piece of paper into a cigarette-like contraption. A blunt, however, is made from a hollowed out tobacco cigar; the blunt WANTS to be rolled while the joint does not. Am I making any sense? haha...
  4. in comparison, i like joints alot better because tobacco smoke kills my throat, and a good joint will burn just as nice as a blunt, just not as long.
  5. joints are a no go in my book but thats my opinion.
    i find swishers to be the HARDEST wrap to roll. try buying phillies..optimos..or actual WRAPS (those are the easiest)
  6. Personally I prefer joints because I love rolling them but it took me a while to get good. Until you learn to roll better just go to your nearest headshop and buy a cheap bowl or one hitter.
  7. try a tubed philly, thats what I learned on. Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get it. Btw I learned how to roll joints first, and trust me blunts are a lot easier to roll, not to mention they're fatter.

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