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Blunts taste like tobacco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tubro, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I am assuming that they would, since they are usually rolled in cigar wrapping. I have never actually tried one, and am hesitant to do so since I fucking HATE the taste of tobacco. So far I have stuck to joints if I'm rolling, however if someone told me that blunts don't taste like cigarettes I would probably try one.
  2. they don't taste like cigs...they taste like cigars...however some cheap cigars used for blunts can taste like shit!

    garcia y vega ftw
  3. they dont taste like tobacco at all, but every once and a while you will get one that just tastes like ass. its an unpleasant surprise
  4. Stick with joints, man. If you're jonesin' for a flavor you could always pick up some Juicy Jay's.
  5. i like joints more then blunts but an ocational blunt is great so i think he should get a better answer then that :p but no blunts dont taste like tobacco really unless its a plain cigar
  6. it doesnt taste like tobacco, it tastes more paperish, flavored blunts dont even taste like the paper, vanilla tastes worst, imo strawberry, grape and honey are the best, i smoke dutchmasters btw, white owls and phillies sometimes too
  7. try goldenwarp strawberry flavor
  8. Yeah you're right.

    Personally every blunt I've smoked had a little tobacco taste to it, and although it wasn't overpowering I didn't like it. So I stopped smoking blunts, because they really are the most unhealthy way to smoke.
  9. I always smoke grape or honey dutchmasters, and think they are quite tasty. And I also hate the taste of cigarettes, even a tiny bit of cigarette tobacco in a joint and it tastes disgusting to me

  10. yeah thats why i stopped smoking blunts like i used to but ill smoke one every now and then still but i used to smoke personal ones and stuff but now personal or with people i try to use joints and pipes as much as possible and a blunt session mabye once a month
  11. i beg to differ, the worse way to smoke is out of an soda can or dollar bill, both will most likely result in ink poisining
  12. I hate ciggs but blunts are cool i usually use grape white owls no overwhelming tabacco flavor and they burn slower so thats a plus
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. Maybe I'll try a blunt this weekend. If i don't like it then I will stick to joints. I just wanted to know if I'm missing anything. If it sucks, oh well at least I tried it :smoking:
  14. If by tobacco you mean cigarettes I don't think they taste like cigs. Also try golden wraps. They are pretty much the samething as blunts except its the top layer of paper from a blunt, so its thinner.You can get like 20 sheets for 2 dollars.
  15. hell no it tastes like flavored weed.:rolleyes: my personal favorite grape white owl..yeaaaaaauhhh
  16. cigarettes arent the only form of tobacco you morons. sorry i had to point that out.
    Usually on the rare occasion im rollng with a friend or something, and its a blunt, i will get like halway through then it starts to taste bad. I always like the first few hits, but then its pretty harsh on me, as i really hate tobacco, at least half the people i know are addicted and im just gonna stick to my buds.

    Golden wraps and brow sugar papers are just tobacco papers pretty much, an easier way IMO to get that same lightheaded buzz you get from blunts. But less tobacco so its sortof bearable i guess..sometimes. This is pretty biased though since i am no tobacco advocate.
  17. you can just buy actual blunt wraps. then you dont have to get rid of the tobacco and it wont have that taste to it. thats usually what i do, just buy blunt wraps.
  18. maybe im dyslexic, but that link to the dutch masters says Corona Grpae (yes, not grape) hahahaha. and i enjoy smoking most anything that's supposed to be smoked, i enjoy the feeling of smoke go into my lungs!

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