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Blunts or wraps?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Do you like Blunts (like a dutch or somthing) or a wrap ((no guts) true blunt juicy or something) better? I have tried to roll one dutch in my life and misserably failed. I hear if you buy wraps they are way easier to roll. Is that true, should I start practicing on wraps?

    Will .7 be enough for a wrap/blunt you think?
  2. i think it depends on the person. i can roll a better blunt, than a wrap. but thats just me..i always feel like im going to rip the wrap cause it feels so delicate/damp. when it comes to rolling, practice really does make purfect :smoke:!
  3. White Owl blunts are the shit for rolling. Grape and Peach. I cut it, dump the guts, use the inner paper to roll the blunt, and then the outer leaf to tighten it up and make it look nice. plus, you can get 2 of them for like a buck
  4. I hate wraps for the same reason, they rip too easy. I had to use 2 wraps the one time i tried using them.
  5. i usually put .7 in a joint minumum.. but a .7 blunt.. hope you like paper
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    you know what really sucks, is when you only pick up one wrap...and then it rips as your pulling it out of the packaging.

    Green leaf Game cigar's or vanilla are also good for rolling longer/bigger slow burning blunts. try at least putting 1.5 or just 1gram for a really skinny blunt; 2g's+ for the fatties ....:smoking:
  7. All I can buy is .7 today (I know i really sucks but its all the kid has) So do you think i should just buy zig zags? How much do zig zags cost for a small pack?
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    i love dutch masters ive only smoked one wrap in my life and it burned like a joint lol cigars are better imo

    oh and zig zags are like a buck by the way i hardly ever smoke j's so i wouldnt really know lol but i say just buy a buncha duches or swishers and practice rolling when you have more weed :p
  9. wraps are okay i dont use them very often but im a experiance roller so you have to really break it up to get a good roll

    True Blunt
    EZ Rolls

    I would reccmend those wraps flavor of ur prefference, they give u alot of paper so u can practice and get better.

    I love me the blunts though Dutches (grape and strawberry, and the occasinoal honey) then u got white owls (peach, wild apple, and grape)
  10. papers are just a few bucks.. usually if you know someone they can spot you 1

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