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blunts or joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by "Deuce", Apr 7, 2006.

  1. which do you prefer... Blunts or Joints?
  2. and do you like to roll them yourself or buy pre rolled blunts or Jays?
  3. Blunts Of Course
  4. blunts, burn slower, plus u love cigars
  5. Dude, blunts. Dutch Masters are my favorite,depending on what im smoking, i might pick up a GV or an optimo. Never blunt wraps, and always roll your own blunts cus only you know how you like em.


    thats like 3.2 in an optimo


    thats a nice little face blunt about a g in there nice chrinics though.
  6. dutchmasters are all I'll smoke

    I'm about to spark up a vanilla dutch of some exotics.
  7. No question.
  8. I like both
  9. Blunts, Dutch Masters Vanilla or coronas only.
  10. I don't even think this is a valid question, dutches all the way.

    Dutchmaster Vanilla and Golden Honey are my loves
  11. I've been rolling a blunt or two lately, but joints are great too. Nothing like a good spliff to the dome.
  12. for me blunts , i love working so hard on a blunt when im high and then seeing how good it turns out and thinking damn how the hell did i do that im so high. i love making shit when im high, my nick name is Mcgyver sp?. white owls dutches and phillies, and mini dutches
  13. blunts ftw!!!
  14. bluntage for sure. more bud, slower burn, better taste(depends on wrap), better high. I LOVE BLUNTS!
  15. joints are casually and often smoked.
    i do enjoy smokin' a blunt much more than i enjoy smoking a doobie. although spliffs do rock in their own respect.
  16. I don't know anybody that would like Js more than blunts.

    Plus..a poll would be suitable :p
  17. I love both but blunts just cut it :D
  18. swisher sweets tubed cigars....for some reason i can only roll well with the tube cigars, i guess its because the tubes keep them ultra fresh but i can roll a mean honey dutchie
  19. whats the diff between a J and a spliff?
  20. they are the same thing ufc-toker.

    i prefer joints to blunts. standard fatty, 1.3-2.0. fatty joints are just the shit. and i like to save the roaches and either roll a generation fatty joint, like an eighth in a joint, or empty like 10 out and just smoke all of that bud down in my bong.

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