Blunts make me sick !

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  1. I've smoked papers before and i dont get sick and a little nauseas like when i smoke blunts. does the nausea and sick feeling go away after you keep smoking them? i also felt a little dizzy and out of it. not how i am when im usually high. anybodies help will be appreciated :thankyou:
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    Tobacco is addictive garbage....
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  3. just roast a bowl , you are probably getting a head rush from the baccy
  4. I find smoking blunts are a lot smoother than paper joints. I've never felt sick from them but it's probably your body not agreeing with the tobacco. Everyone's body is different.
  5. Unless I'm in a very well ventilated area, they'll give me a headache. I prefer em to joints though, but I love both

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