Blunts, Joints, or Glass.

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  1. Which do you prefer? And what is your reasoning behind your preference?

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  2. Glass all day. Its way quicker and less hasle to me and I enjoy the huge rips I get from a pipe.
  3. Im on the same page with you man. Packing a bowl is alot quicker than rolling either one. I personally get some fat rips off a blunt though brotha, that can easily match my pipe.

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  4. I fuck with glass but cyphs with joints n blunts

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  5. I know glass doesn't get you more high but I will always feel more stoned after several bongs than several joints. Besides I live in Europe and we put tobacco in our joints which I can't stand so i definitely prefer glass.
  6. glass bongs, it cuts down on the tobacco and its a way stronger hit. also i dont have to share a bong. if a buddy wants one he can have one but no sharing involved , one hit wonder
  7. Blunts all the wayyy, you get a unique head rush with them that you cant get from glass or joints.
  8. I totally agree I think it's mainly a "bacci" rush though.
  9. J's when on the go/at concerts because there's no cleanup, glass every other time. I hate wasting smoke so I'm not a big fan of joints and I despise blunts lol. If I want a head rush while I smoke I'll throw in a lip
  10. Bongs/glass.
    Taste much better, efficient, and fun to use.

    Joints/blunts are a waste of weed to me. I hate seeing smoke continually rising, and then the smell on my fingers. It was fun when I was younger, not as an adult.
  11. I prefer glass, im an ametuer at smoking but it just seems alot cleaner and more pleasant. :bongin:
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