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Blunts, Joints, Bubbler, Hookah, Etc.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MichaelPriceFLA, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Your personal favorite?

    Pros and Cons?

    The battle of Blunts vs. Joints continues!
  2. How about...I like them all because in the end, I'm high and that's all that matters. :smoke:
  3. I really, really don't understand the appeal of joints over blunts, but I could be biased seeing how I couldn't roll a joint properly if my life depended on it. Overall, I'd say bong hits FTW.
  4. In my opinion, there is no point of smoking dank nugs in anything else but a bong. If possible, a large, glass, diffused bong.
    I think after that bowls before joints and blunts for sure.
    Bowls over Blunts All Day Errday. blunts and j's just waiste weed.

    Bowl Order:
    1. bong 2. bub 3. pipe 4. blunt 5. j's

    Hookah.Sheshah is bomb
  5. Bong hits and vapes get you the highest the fastest and conserve weed. Blunts are more for social smokings like parties and stuff. Joints are for a stealthy personal smoke most of the time. But bubblers are my personal favorite.
  6. i like blunts over joints and bongs. Joints are ok if you dont have enough for a blunt and bongs f u up! what about bowls

    bowls are nice too
  7. I love 'em all. I like mixing it up. If it's only a few people I'll use different pizzo's or roll a joint but if there's a lot of people everyone'll just throw in and roll a blunt. But if I were to list in order I'd say my top five way's to smoke would be Bong : Bubbler : Pipe : Chillum : Joint

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