Blunts = dumb

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  1. Please point me to where I generalized about the entire race? Lol

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  2. Not quite what I meant, and no smoking some pretty decent stuff..
  3. I was not talking to you in the first instance, I was talking to shizmot who posted comments three pages back about " living in a black community and the lower class black people only smoking blunts". I was trying to say that his comment was racist, I was not talking to you at all. And that you can't assume a whole race of people do anything based on limited experience.

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  4. The princess and spartan shit don't make sense foo'
  5. it's my tag. If a guy says he is a princess and a Spartan, what might that mean?

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  6. cross dresser?

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  7. Lol you're doing it wrong!

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  8. Growing up I started with the joint, then turned to smoking blunts(Tampa Nuggets). Now I'm a old timer with 3 different vaporizers to enjoy my smoke with. Blunts are for people to burn in groups because they last longer.

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  9. uh what?
    I've never had a blunt canoe before...that usually happens on joints. If you can roll good they can last a long time. My blunts last 25 minutes+. It's relaxing. Bowls are nice for a quick sesh, blunts are to chill out.
  10. my blunts dont canoe
    I roll swisher sweet regular/grape/tropical fusions
  11. You know i would have takin your statement into consideration, but you have a bias against them. "Starts conoeing, almost high, cancer from cancer paper" are all examples of your bias. If you roll it right, no canoe, if you aint high after a blunt, you need to put that same amount of weed back into your bowl because it probaly equals about one, and cancer, well we are all smokers here.<- not ALL but you know what I mean.

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    Not that the inhalation of cannabis smoke causes cancer, but it leaves tar, it is smoke.

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  12. I love how the replies to the OP are still rolling in 2+ years later...
  13. I know this is a years old thread, but every time I read OP's post, I smile.
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  15. Bleezys arebby far my least favorite wya to smoke. I'm with you man.

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  16. Honestly I like blunts more but that's because they are just easier to smoke after you start getting high. I love watching movies while I smoke but when I get into the movie I never wanna look down and light my pipe. I would rather just smoke a blunt. It's also easier to smoke when driving

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  17. Easier to smoke while driving but a lot more smelly. Only one hand required is a definite plus though.
  18. The fuck are you hatin on blunts for, man? 

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