Blunts = dumb

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  1. :laughing:

  2. I can back up what the other guy said, minus the wiz khalifa part because hes all about joints and not even touching blunts. Most the people who smoke blunts around here are the white kids driving around in daddys mustang trying to look cool.

  3. How about I make a thread about what I want every goddamn day. blah blah blah <--- Couldn't think of anythng to say? and no I can roll a goddamn beast ass blunt but if you roll just blunts for the rest of your life I GUARANTEE, you will get a stale ass blunt that rips, or starts canoeing.

  4. I'm not a fan of cancer.

  5. Lol even though Wiz only smokes jays, all the suburban white kids do bump his music while smoking blunts ^^
  6. Fuck blunts. The next day my lungs feel like shit.

  7. Yeah but they don't have cancer free blunts... Wait they do make them they're called joints :p I can't stand blunts to each his own but I don't like them at all.
  8. I've noticed generally it is black who be smokin blunts, but then go into the burbs and all the teenagers smokin em too, tryna be like they favorite rapper haha.
  9. I respect your opinion, however I enjoy blunts.
  10. I dont know guys, blunts are just really fun to roll/smoke. If you get one rolled nice and fat its quite the treat. Of course, its not for everyday but i mean it still burns off less than a j.
  11. All the rich white stoners I know have 600 dollar glass with 4 percs, ash catchers, bowl cashers, hemp wick, and whatever the hell else one can buy for smoking weed. Honestly, I feel like that's taking it too far. I can easily enjoy hanging out with my non-rich friends and smoking a blunt in the back yard or something, but all of these rich white kids make it a mission to just get as high as physically possible every single day.

  12. What ever makes you happy in life.
  13. If you have the money and the means to, and enjoy it, it's not stupid for them at all. maybe for you yaah, but you're not smoking them.

    I don't smoke blunts.
  14. I'm really good at rolling blunts, but they are wasteful.
    I'd seriously much rather have a bowl, especially because people get spit all over the end of blunts, and it makes the rest of the smoking horrible.

    Bowls, Bongs, Pipes > Blunts IMO
  15. I prefer the process of rolling up and smoking a blunt myself. It's just a way more relaxing way to get it medicating on in my opinion. Different strokes I guess. Now when I'm smoking hash that's a whole different story.
  16. I love blunts, smoke one almost every day o_O
  17. I just rather pay 25 bucks for a piece then spending a buck or more.. saves u money in the long run
  18. Blunts always make me feel dazed and sleepy, if I'm gonna roll its gonna be a j. Bongs and vapes all day!

  19. Not really taking it too far in my opinion. It could be but if your buying a 600 dollar bong, I think its fair to say you have some sort of respect for weed. And what's wrong with getting high as possible. :cool:

  20. When did I say they were cancer free? I didn't, that's right. I said they were flavorless.

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