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  1. I started this grow within 24 hours of getting my medical card. Found a local company selling seeds in the Boston MA area. The only strain I could afford were a Roughneck sativa. Def would have preferred an indica, but it's something to get me started. 
    Germed them 10/17 in MG seedling soil with 6 out of 7 coming up nicely. Just moved most of them into 3 gallon pots with Coast of Maine organic soil and 1 is in Happy Frog. 
    For vegging I'm using 10 23W CFL's mounted on a rack I fabricated to try to get an even canopy of light over them. Looking to get a 400 or 600 HPS for flowering. At this point I have them in a large cardboard box, but will end up donating my entire closet to them for flowering. The closet is approx 6x6 with a 5 foot ceiling height. 
    Hopefully I don't run out of height between mounting a HPS and these being sativa. Ideally I'd love to try a scrog setup, but right now I'm more concerned with getting them started and how I'm going to afford yet another hobby.
    Feel free to make any suggestions that may be helpful.  :cool:


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  2. Ur set up on the lights is dope that is puting in work
  3. Ive done card board once it was nice make sure u got a fan moving around bro
  4. Wish I could take credit for the light idea, but I spotted something similar on one of these forums. Yes I still have to work out a decent fan set up. Right now I'm using my window fan on low in the box's doorway. 
  5. I always herd more air movement ment more growth an if u put the lights together u made it bro do u plan on toping or upgrading ur room

  6. Yes hitting them with a window fan to keep the temps in check. I'm taking them out of the veg box and converting the whole closet within the next couple of weeks. Even though I'm planning on some of them being males, I'll still need way more room when I flip them to flowering. Hoping that between the closet being not insulated & running them at night the space will handle at least a 400 HPS. 
    I've grown before, but this is my attempt at producing decent weight. The legal guidelines in my state are 10 zippers of dried medicine...........yes I would be thrilled to hit that number!  :yay:
  7. Nice man keep it up when r u going to see if thare males and keep an up date im subn

  8. If you don't mind me asking what company up in Boston sells Seeds?

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  9. Subbed in bro
  10. Great to see more people subbed in for this!

    MrBig, No I don't mind at all. This is a link to his site:
    He is legit and very easy going. I called him at 9am, he picks up the phone right away. We agree to meet, as he doesn't ship to ensure the people have their MM card. He agrees to meet me at noon midway between my house and his. Yes he was about 20 minutes late meeting me, but geesh I was thrilled to have some beans in my hand!
  11. UPDATE
    I've moved them out of the box to help keep the temps down. They've been hovering around 80 to 85f if I'm not careful. Def had signs of too much heat. They've been on 18/6 light cycle for a couple weeks now, started them out at 24 hours at first though.
    This is when I've noticed little upwards shoots right where the internode meets the main stalk. In the 3rd photo you can see them. Any idea if these are the beginning of the dreaded male balls?

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  12. Very nice little setup👌

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  13. Don't worry those aren't the beginning of male pollen sacks

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  14. Lookin good guy, as has been stated. Its not male.
  15. Thank you for the compliment. I'm just doing the best I can with the limited funds available to me. I'm hoping to get at least a couple of healthy females out of the 6 beans that I've sprouted. Glad to hear that those little shoots coming up aren't the sign of sex yet. 

    I've done a lot of research, but not sure about the timing of getting a scrog screen set up. My idea is to make another pvc square, the same size as the lighting one, and weaving a female or two into it. Any ideas of it's too late to do after determining sex. Will they stretch enough to accomplish this or is it too late then?
  16. Has it been topped? Generally topping is done before throwing under the screen to promote bushiness. You are supposed to scrog throughout your veg, and once your screen is 60-75% full you switch to flower. The whole point of the screen is to fill it up, but it takes longer, have you looked into LST?
  17. I'm treating them all as if they're females until I know otherwise. Yes I've topped 3 or 4 of them at the 4th internode. Funny you should ask about LST as I'm reading about it now. Roughneck being a sativa hybrid, I'd like to see if it's possible to LST them into a circle pattern around the edge of each pot. 

    Not knowing their sex yet is the only thing holding me back from constructing a scrog screen now. Seems to be bad news if you get a male tangled up in the scrog screen. Maybe I'll have to wait to scrog until I have confirmed females. My other thought is to number the plants & sex clones from them. That'll give me a better idea of how to proceed even though I'm worried about about running out of headroom while I wait to see their sex. Decisions
  18. Yes, sexing clones is the common method.
  19. You could also reveg. Thats where you flower long enough to see the plants sex, then put it back under 18/6, then you can kill males and only clone your known females, and this revegging technique is also supposed to promote side branching. Which means more bud sites. You should look into it of you havent yet.
  20. Very nice though

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