Blunts are illegal in Illinois now

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  1. thats insane as fuck hahaha

    i dont even smoke blunts
  2. ''Supporters of the law argued that the papers, which come in flavors including grape, chocolate and vanilla, were marketed to children and young adults who use them to roll drugs such as marijuana and crack cocaine.''

    I didnt know people rolled blunts of crack?!?

  3. Yeah I didn't think that was possible,ha ha.But welcome to ass backwards IL.
  4. In other news, the new Wiz Khalifa album had record breaking sales in Illinois last week.
  5. looks like y'all Illinois blades are gonna have to learn how to split blunts. and buy rolling papers I hope they mean wraps not blunts and rillos
  6. I think its just blunt wraps, a friend of mine bought and smoked a white-owl blunt yesterday with no problems. I never used blunt wraps so it doesn't really affect me. Raw papers are the way to go, much healthier for you too.
  7. WTF,

    One step forward in the legalization of Marijuana, two steps backwards.
  8. Crack blunt aha
  9. Ha ha yeah Illinois sucks that's why I moved out of there two years ago to Nor Cal and never looked back. California super cool to the doobie. :)
  10. I am hoping to leave this dump soon.I have a job in Texas if I can get down there.
  11. I don't smoke blunts, but Illinois sucks ass. No shit..
  12. I actually just got done smokin a fat crack blunt.
  13. Better practice eating your soup with a fork because some people use spoons to cook heroin.
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    Just read it through the 2nd time and it said only papers and wraps. Nothing about banning swishers or anything like that.
  15. Oh thank god not the white owls!
  16. thats fucking so funny because its just shenanigans

    if i lived their, i would just order them off the interwebs if i wanted flavored ones that bad
  17. Well that's a step in the wrong direction...

    I guess you'll have to stick to spoons, bongs, etc. in the meantime.
  18. Wow, that's not going to accomplish anything they want it to. Cigarillos are still legal, and where I'm from almost every time if it's rolled up, it's a cigarillo. It's just going to make those companies more popular in the area along with glass and shit like everyone said. If I was a random cigarillo company I'd start looking into Illinois more.
  19. Don't blunt wraps just have a bunch of other chemicals compared to cigarillo's? Certainly tastes like it every time I've smoked one.

    Then again, I stick to glass or vapes, so this has zero effect on me. Heck I used to buy cigarillo's when I was 15/16, so just because its illegal doesn't mean its not available.

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