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Blunts are a waste of weed.

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by greger, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. so I had a half oz like a week ago and I decided to smoke some blunts next thing I know all my weed is gone lol and the blunts didnt even get me as high as my pipe would of because they didnt hit as good so yeah maybe I just need to be better at rolling but Im pissed lol:confused:
  2. i don't like blunts such a waste and they taste nasty. plus they sometimes make me trow up not sure whats that about tho.
  3. If rolled correctly, the blunt is a bang for one's buck really. A coworker/ buddy of mine only smokes blunts right now. He rolls them super tight and small, he takes a few hits off one everyday. They tend to last him for quite a while.

    However, as you found out, if you're not very experienced rolling blunts and roll them sloppily AND smoke them all at once it's kind of a waste of weed for sure. Were you smoking them by yourself? Because I'm not really sure why you'd do that either.

    matthe: Then don't smoke blunts.
  4. yea i know what u mean sometimes the blunt doesnt even get you that high i think its because the tobacco in the leaf fucks with the thc cells somebody on here said tobacco kills the thc cells so i think that might be it thats why i never smoke blunts for my self anymore
  5. There is always quite a lot of waste with blunts/joints/spliffs... You save a hell of a lot if you smoke a pipe. However, I still only smoke spliffs because I enjoy smoking them more.
  6. yeah I enjoy smokin blunts and joints it just takes more bud tho
  7. Lol a good roll is crucial. I stick to glass mostly but there's something awsome about a good jay and a blunt every now and then.
  8. Rolling blunts is an art . . . study and learn, have fun and burn
  9. ............
  10. Hahaha! I know right? I didn't even want to waste my time responding to that comment. I could literally smell the shit wafting off of it.
  11. blunts are for special occasions when you want to post up in a spot with an L and look cool with your possy in the hood
  12. You're a towel, I mean, you're a waste of weed.

    I agree with you though.
  13. I think like an above poster said blunts aren't very efficient for a lot of people because they don't know how to roll them. I never smoke blunts unless I'm with some people who have one already rolled up, and whenever I've smoked them they didn't do much at all...but they were some SLOPPY rolled blunts so I think that has a lot to with it.

    That being said, even a finely rolled blunt/joint isn't going to be as efficient as smoking out of a pipe or bong.
  14. Rolling a nice blunt isn't that hard and it should hit nicely throughout the whole blunt. I put 0.6 to 0.7 in my blunt if I'm going to smoke it to myself and that's like two bowls. I feel like they both get me equally high, maybe the pipe a little more.
  15. yeah I think the problem was I put like over a gram in a each one and it was just to tightly rolled so i couldnt hit it good.. I just came home with 8 white owl cigars lol 2 strawberry 2 white grape and 4 grape..
  16. you are the fucking man bro, you made a thread about blunts wasting weed, and then you buy MORE blunts LOL

  17. Lol Im just bad at rolling so I need to practice;)
  18. usually these threads are about some little kid who swears they are off blunts for good. those are annoying. props that you wanna keep trying, its worth it when you roll a good blunt and can take those big ass hits.

  19. haahha thanks man I know they can be amazing but the last 4 I rolled I fucked up big time and learned a lesson lol..:cool:
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