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Blunts And Joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by g0bbl3s, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. ok so i have been getting down for like 2-3 months and i have found i guy i get from who delivers and his shit is great! and i have a pipe but it is clogged to hell and it will never be unclogged, i tried.

    but i have a series of homemade pieces that i use. but more importantly i have a question about joints and/or blunts.

    so like a g lasts me a while, and i could never smoke all of a g in one setting let alone within a 3 day period, so how does anyone smoke an entire joint? or an entire blunt?

    idk i just wanted to hear from some strictly joint/blunt smokers :smoking:
  2. I won't always finish the whole blunt put it out half ways save it for later if it's hitting me hard
  3. It's tolerance and yes, yours will built up to. I can smoke 1g+ if I want or I can smoke 0.3 and be alright. Plus who said you have to smoke the whole thing? Or even roll a gram? I roll really nice 0.3 joints :smoking:. But you can always roll a larger one and put it out for convenience. The older the joint is (days older) it won't be as nice as a fresh joint.
  4. Put your pipe in a ziplock bag filled with ISO alcohol 99% and shake it. Should unclog it. To answer your question, if somebody put a gun to your head I'm sure you could smoke a whole gram in one session.
  5. Options for you

    1-Tobacco heavy spliffs
    2-Roll thin (anything under .5g is too small IMO)
    3-Smoke untill you are high and clip it
    4-Share it
    5-Clean your Pipe

    I always finish my joints and i roll them with about a gram of high quality flowers. Once your tolerance goes up you will be wishing you could go back to the days where 3-4 hits would get you ripped.

    Funny story, I clipped a joint like 3 weeks ago and because i always finish my joints i forgot about it...
    Nice little present when you are expecting to find an empty jar, and half a joint is sitting in it.
  6. ok well im just saying my tolerance is low i am not saying i couldn't.

    also i soaked it for 2 days in alcohol the part that is clogged is too thin for me to get anything in there
  7. Rolling a whole gram would be a decent king size joint. Start with rolling .5 Jays and you will be fine. You could probly find an 8th in my ashtray.

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