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blunts and joints are the best

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kingofbuds, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. most all of my smokeing carrer ive used glas butt for the last 2 weeks ive gone to blunts and joints and they are far better theyre easy to ditch and portable i love them... thoughts on this?
  2. Joints by far over blunts. Papers only if it's not a bong or a glass pipe.
    Either way, i prefer the joints convenience, i agree with you.

    Keep it real, turn up :smoke:
  3. They're good for the mobile stoner, but glass is the best when you're just chillin at home.
  4. I prefer glass in my apartment and a blunt or large joint when I'm in my car. I used to take bong rips on the highway with my friends though, but i advise you not to try this.
  5. Pretty much.

    Joints/Blunts: On the go (or big social groups)
    Glassware: Chilling at home
  6. Ooooohhhhh boy, this thread again.

  7. LOL you talking about that whole "BLUNTS=DUMB" one? I agree, pretty lame/pointless.

  8. Yes!! Lol that one, and many others recently... Im not sure wats up with it, but lately blades have really been goin back and forth about the whole ordeal..

    Fuckin dumb if ya ask me, everyone needs to smoke what they like and let others do the same.
  9. Launch bawxxxxxxx
  10. Blunts>joints

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