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  1. Hey guys, been getting on here a lot more lately and have been uploading quite a few videos and photos of all sorts so I started a thread of my own where I can post everything and not worry about it being in the right thread ect..

    for those of you that don't know, here is what you will find in here...

    1. pics of my glass collection
    2. reviews of pieces I have owned/used
    3. videos/milk shots of my pieces (also dry run videos)
    4. pictures of my homemade edibles and extracted oils
    5. all of my recipes/processes that I use for my extraction/cooking recipes
    6. occasional bud pictures (if it's something really worth posting)

    For my first post I decided I would start with the first piece in my current collection.

    21'' SYN Mini Showerhead Tallboy - Platinum Label

    This guy was purchased from the LHS almost exactly 1 year ago for $220 out the door. Has been my main tube every since, even while it was broken. Still my favorite tube I have hit (except maybe a toro double circ, but those lack the volume this has).



    about 3 weeks after I bought it, a buddy knocked it over and it broke in 2 places. I used super glue and kept on using it like this for months. I would occasionally add some more super glue to make sure it stayed strong

    for the longest time I used it broken with a $15 ice pinch slide blown from the LHS

    Around december I got a chance to get the tube fixed. Cleaned her up good and sent it in. I just expected it to look like the broken pieces were just welded back up. To my surprise he completely redid the stemless arm, and also added the shop logo below (which will come into play'll see) the SYN logo, and a bead w/ his initials on the bottom of the arm.





    with the tube fixed, and in better than new condition (in my opinion) it was time for some upgrades and additions!

    more to come later...
  2. Made a new run of BHO today, this was only my third run on my own. Any criticism and critiques are welcome. Don't hate though

    6g of Purple Mr. Nice Guy
    8g of Grand Daddy Purp
    a few scoops of kief (~.30g)

    purged into double water boil that was kept at 160* until the last 10 minutes where I cranked the temp and let it rise to 220* After that I vacuum purged twice, each time for 10 minutes at 25hg while on a double boil

    also, here are my 2 extraction tubes (small one holds about 7g and the large one holds a lil over 14g)


    about to begin...



    after I scraped it all together in the center

    top section stayed milky for some reason, even though I didn't do anything differently to that part. The entire batch of oil received the same treatment. The keif perhaps?

    more of the milky part????

    finished product after the vacuum purge. A tad bit darker than i'd like, but it's also pretty thick there in that dish. Could be due to the purple strands, or the keif that I added in. so many different factors...


    all I know is that it's absolutely delicious and packs a great punch. Each batch continues to get better and better. I definitely Like running with the small extraction tube over the big one, even if it means having to change it out several times
  3. Probably had the best body high I've had since my first days smoking after hitting some dabs of that oil today. I just chilled, cranked the tunes, and closed my eyes. Can't remember the last time I was so relaxed and calm.

    Mary Jane truly does one good
  4. Also, made a batch of brownies last weekend using ~10g of bud. It was about 3-4 different kinds, all pretty decent.

    I'll post my method here: it is mostly a following of the direction for BadKat's Cannaoil, which you can find on page 22 of her thread. (I highly advise you check it out!)

    1. Decarb the bud - this really depends on how wet/fresh the bud is. If I feel the bud needs decarbing I grind into a pyrex dish (2 stage grinder for all cooking) and cover tightly with foil and then place in the over for 250* for 30-45 minute intervals. I then place on a cold pad in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then check to see. I continue the process until I feel the bud is decarbed enough

    *Note: I feel that smell is a bad thing here, smell is a chemical reaction, meaning that important things such as cannaboids and other psychoactives found in bud are being used up when this happens. The less smell the better in my opinion, although there will be some no matter what.

    2. Portion oil - I usually am making a single batch of brownies rather than a large quantity of oil, so I make sure to buy my brownies first to know how much oil I will be needing. I usually buy the brownie mixes that require 1/2 cup of oil (a lot have 1/3 of 1/4, which is just too little IMO). I simply measure the oil, put into the pyrex dish, and make sure the bud is soaked completely with a few stirs/mashes of a fork.

    3. cook oil - I currently use a double boil method, but I believe using a pressure cooker to be the best way, but often times require you to use a decent amount of oil (at least a cup or two). I'm in the process of searching for a mini pressure cooker that I could make batches of 1/2 cup of oil with. Regardless, I also have a thermometer for which I monitor my temperature while I cook.
    I cook on the stove and bring my double boil to the correct temperature (the lower and slower, the better IMO). I like to cook at around 200-220* (using and oven doesnt allow you to go this low). If it gets too hot I just add ice cubes from the fridge

    4. Freeze - again, I immediately put the cooked oil into the freezer overnight

    5. reheat - i only do this to make the liquid easier to strain. Just heat it enough on a double boil so thats its warm and fairly viscous

    6. strain - I use cheesecloth and a rubber band to strain my oil back into a measuring cup. I make sure to mash down and get as much as possible out. I usually have lost a little bit, and I add this back by pouring clean oil through the "mash" which may help extract just a little bit more thc, until I have the amount of oil that I need.

    7. bake - use you brownie recipe from here. If possible, I would avoid going for extremely high temperatures. The lower temperature the better again I say

    and some pics from the last batch I made

    during the heating process

    after the fudge icing topping...always a must!
  5. Been cleaning my pieces all day, gonna take some photos, and possibly some milkshot vids later. I'm out of oil for the moment, bummer!

    Picked up a McFinn's 18mm carbon filter and a small bag of virgin coconut carbon to try out last night, really impressed so far, minus the fact it adds about 2.5-3'' of height before your bowl.

    check back later for some pics once I get it all cleaned
  6. From my latest batch, some Orange Crush BHO

    [ame=]SYN Fixed Dome Perc w/ Oil Dome - Orange Crush BHO Dab - YouTube[/ame]

    Annnd the BHO that was dabbed. Oh so tasty!
  7. sub'd. so you used 21g of bud and got 14 of bho? I am still unclear on parts of the making process and was wondering what your ratio usually is
  8. Where did you get the glass extraction tubes?

  9. I don't think I ever posted my yield. I usually don't weigh it, since it goes straight into my glass jab

    my lhs blew them for me, here is a new set I just got. He's trying out random sizes to see what works best ect...

  10. I have heard a quarter of good buds will yield a little over a g or so.

    Thanks that's awesome. Never had a problem with them breaking? I heard the glass basters break easy and it would be a good idea to have a glass one blown out of stronger glass.

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