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Blunting Rules

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Benito, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. We all know about the untold rules that go along with blazing. Usually, they go unspoken and obeyed when your chillin with your friends, but who here actually enforces their rules when blazing with new people? Like is there one rule you ALWAYS hold up? Of course, weed should never be in the same sentace as rules, (unless your talking about how bomb it would be to break that rule all stoned on the chonic) but, for real, whats your view?

    Heres a few of mine:
    - if you buy it, you roll it
    - if you roll a shitty blunt, you will be verbally told so many, many times. In the hope that you never do it again
    - never pinch the blunt!
    - roaches are killed only with the consent of the entire smoking party.
    - a dropped blunt gets a slap on the wrist.
    - Cancer paper is to ALWAYS be removed

    if your blunting and ever need to think whether or not you should enforce a rule, dont. These come naturally and are merely estblished to ensure an easy, mellow, smooth burning chron shesh. keep the vibe alive!
  2. What the fuck is cancer paper, assuming there is such a thing?

  3. with a dutch (or any other commercial blunt) after its leafed, there is a paper wrapping near the mouth section. you remove it and your left with the actual blunt paper, leaf, and some guts

  4. I don't know about the first and second rule... If you can't roll a blunt but bring the weed then by all means let the person who can roll in the group roll it. And if I have a blunt that isn't rolled to perfection and someone starts complaining they could possibly get skipped... Shouldn't complain about something if you didn't throw in.

    The only rules I have is don't complain and its puff puff pass not puff puff puff puff puff exhale puff puff puff pass...
  5. I leave the cancer paper (Swisher Rellos) unless I'm rolling with a lot or using a different type of gar.

    I disagree. It's not complaining, it's ragging on someone. Something done amongst friends. If it's a shitty gar I probably wouldn't mind getting skipped, that shit needs to be broken down and rerolled. I'll go roll my own blunt of perfection
  6. Well I do NOT smoke blunts without the outer leaf wrapped around..that's what made me hate blunts to begin with...I just recently got into them because my friends that i met at school that I blaze with roll blunts and I got to love them.

    You buy it, you roll it <applies to me too because I usually bring the dutch, and if i buy it, i want to roll it. I love makes me feel important, it makes me feel proud (as you watch your rolling get better and better throughout the months and years), and it's fun! If I pay for a dutch, no one's gonna roll it without my's just fucked up. You wanna roll it? You buy it!..unless i'm teaching you then maybe i'll provide it and watch as you roll.

    if you're gonna neck it (puff,inhale,puff,inhale,puff,inhale,puff,inhale,puff,inhale..exhale), you're only getting one opportunity...otherwise PUFF PUFF PASS!

    Starts with whoever rolled it, and goes whatever direction the blunt roller chooses...that way no one preassembles around the roller hoping to get easy seconds...still flows in a circle, but no one knows which way it goes until I (or the roller which is usually me anyway) starts it.

    In my circles, the blunt is the token of silence. If it's in your hands...shut up and hit it! Talking is great and it's what establishes the best connections in friendships, but while we're all listening to you babble, we're all just really staring at that blunt in your hungry dogs watch cats from behind fences in suburbian american towns...hit that shit and pass it on! THEN talk!

    This is NOT spin the bottle. If I wanted your spit, I'd kindly ask you to plant a wet drippy kiss on me, or curteously ask you to expell those fluids into my mouth...a blunt is not a lolipop! Grape dutches are great, and the SMOKE tastes like grape, but the blunt itself will not taste like grape. Keep your lips dry at all times (sometimes after you drink water, you won't realize it, but your lips are fuckin wet as hell).

    EVERYONE puts in the same amount. If we're all dropping a .5 and there's 4 of us...i want that to weigh out to 2 grams. Fair is fair...I don't want to be supplying some other leecher just because blunts have a shitload of hits..

    Once the blunt is lit, it does NOT go out unless it absolutely has to. Nothing hurts me more than watching a fine piece of art with such LIFE to be instantly put's disrespectful to me. Maybe it's overreaction? I don't know but all I know is that it bothers me...don't run with the big boys if you can't keep up. Don't wanna smoke as much? roll your own joint or stuff a bowl...

    Hit it right! I'm not usually an ass, but if you're hitting that shit horribly, get little smoke, make weird sounds/faces, or look disturbing in any way while hitting that joint, you're gonna get picked on...specially since it's a blunt we're talking about...giggles...constant humor...constant're gonna get picked on.

    I'm very picky with who I smoke with and how I smoke with can tell :p
  7. jesus christ whats up your ass?
  8. is this puff, exhale, puff, exhale, pass? or puff, inhale, puff, inhale more, pass?
  9. I agree with just about everything M3nt0R said. Theres just an unspoken ettiquite depending on who you smoke with. If I'm smoking with my dealers who are real as fuck, theres a certain way to go about it. If I'm smoking with some of my stoner friends, i'll pass it around and give someone whos dry a couple hits and theres a completely different atmosphere.

    Nothing pisses me off more than rolling a perfect joint, which truely is an art, and having someone rip it and get it running. Then I have to take it, fix it, then resume the circle. I'm always the one to throw in the most, and I'm also the best roller out of my friends sans one.

    we do the first one. Depending on how much people throw down someone might be able to park on it for a minute. Also if theres someone who doesn't smoke much, buddy just off probation or a girl or something, I may tell them to sit on it for a min. (lately I've been the only one throwing down)
  10. You always pass it to the left thats one of the fundamental rules in smoking.
  11. First thing I learned was pass to the left.
  12. I've never heard of that...
  13. ive heard it goes to the left but usually with people i know its whoever calls 2nds or "ciphes", if their to ur right it goes to them if their to ur left it goes to them
  14. Cancer paper...
    You realize that's retarded right?
  15. no one i ever smoke with can roll, and one thing that pisses me off is them telling me to hurry up. don't rush the roller. that shit is an art and once im done you'l be fucking glad you waited.

    If its my weed and i rolled, i go with rollers rights. i do what i want and you shut the hell up cause im smoking you out. but other than that its just the regular stuff. pass it whatever way we decide on, puff puff pass.

    haha except when i smoke with dudes who think they are hot shit and wont shut up about how awesome everything they do is then im going to neck the shit out of it. and yeah, don't drop it.

    my friend has been smoking for 2 years and he has the worst fucking ADHD ever and he always knocks shit over, talks forever and drops the blunt. hes retarted, but thats how he is.(but we do make fun of him 24/7 for it)

    i roll with white owls, and all i do is gut it. i don't take the paper crap out or anything.

    and yes, anyone who don't hit it right is going to be told, made fun of, and shown how to hit it right.

  16. not really. That was the name I learned to call it by. Why smoke more nonweed wrap than you have to?
  17. shit everybody round here say "Be polite, pass to the right."
  18. preach it, wizard
  19. My friends tend to rotate blunt responsibility. Usually two of us will throw down on a blunt and smoke anyone out so wherever the non-roller that threw down is standing judges which way it gets passed. works really well cause no one leeches. all my dank friends either have money to blow or are in the sales industry so no ones got reason to be stingy. same goes for my reg smokin friends, cept there's no reason to ever be stingy with reg unless you got baaaad prices

    you got about 5-10 seconds to sit and yack on that, depending on how blazed everyone already is. we don't smack people or anything like that unless it keeps happenin. all my people are chill, I don't get down on that "hard" bullshit, i'm just around to have a good time and get high, no bad vibes.

    if a shitty blunt is rolled, the roller gets ragged on, of course. we're never hurtin for blunts or wraps.

    that's about it
  20. I'm glad all of the potheads I hang with aren't all grumpy and don't have a dozen "rules". I'd never want to smoke with such uptight stoners.


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