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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by respyshunt, May 26, 2010.

  1. Does anyone else do this? My friends call it a bluntinater or a croosh, but all you do is burn 2 holes in the end of a water bottle, one carb and one whole for the roach of a blunt or joint roach, and just finish the blunt off like that?
    These things really rip and get super milky.
  2. It's a pretty harsh smoke from what I've heard so I've never tried it.

    Must be like hitting the roach in the bong except X10.
  3. put your joint/roach in the carb of your bowl..and use the bowl as the carb.
  4. ROACHINATOR!! And yea we do that sometimes here
  5. idk man, i'd rather hit it till my fingers start to smoke. :smoke:

    but it's an interesting idea, i'll have to give that a try next time im in a roachy bind.
  6. ye i done it before, i didnt like it though, it was rough, but it fucks you up too lol
  7. yea. the bigger bottle you have the bigger/shittier tasting the hit is. if you have yet to try it do so. fill it up so it looks like sour milk then clear.

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