Blunt WRAPS??

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  1. So ive tried looking for a thread that could possibly answer my question and i didnt come across any. I DID search maybe not 100% cause im pretty stoned but i tried lol.

    Do blunt wraps (the ones you can buy at a head shop) cause cancer? and what are the bad things about them?

    So is it better to break up a philly/swisher/dutchmaster/white owl/etc... OR just go buy some blunt wraps? which is healthier?

  2. i think all blunt wraps do. lol
  3. I think a blunt wrap would be healthier because they don't have leaves so it's really just healthier cause it's less tobacco. But honestly cigars are the way to go as long as your no smoking pure blunts you don't have to worry bout cancer
  4. Nah, the blunt wrap is way less healthy than the hollowed cigar.

    They add flavor and chemicals to the wraps. I smoked multiple a day for a while and was coughing up black stuff. Changed to cigars and didn't look back. The wraps taste bad and suck for rolling anyway.
  5. Yea and those zig blunt wraps have thick tobacco, so its more tobacco then say owls. Seriously though, this is kinda a pointless topic.... u prob have better chance of getting cancer from breathing smogy air then a blunt wrap.... its like your asking if smoking causes cancer, yes it does but your gonna have to smoke wraps for 30 years.
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    Whats with all this hatin on blunt wraps i hear? Personally me and my boys (who smoke many blunts a day and have probably smoked thousands in the past) will almost always choose a fine yager flavored juicy jay blunt wrap over any other blunt product. To us, we feel like there is a whole nother unnecessary step when you have to break open a blunt and take all the tobacco out. And, they are obviously thinner which=less tobacco product overall.
    But why would you think they add flavoring to a wrap but not a swisher? How else do they make GRAPE swishers?
    real grapes?

    Cheers to blunts either way!
  7. Alright for the record earlier this summer I got into smoking blunts. About 4 to 5 personal dank blunts a day, plus whatever blunts I matched on. All Swishers or Dutchies. Exclusively. But I started coughin up black shit even though I quit cigs years ago. So you gotta watch out for those. And don't trust those wrapped, shredded, rewetted, and processed ass shit yo

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