blunt wraps or real cigars/rillos

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  1. ok, so to me blunt wraps are cheating, they are easier to roll and taste like ass. real cigars and rillos taste better and actually require skill to roll. to the people saying that they dont like tobacco, you dont smoke the tobacco, u take it out, and if u dont like smoking tobacco leaves then take the leaf off.

    poll, what do u use to roll a blunt? wraps or real gars?
  2. Wraps are by far much easier, but their flavor is overwhelming the majority of the time. I'd much rather bust open a swisher :smoking:
  3. game cigarillos all day. blunt wraps burn way quicker due to lack of outer leaf. they smell good but dont tasteanything like they smell
  4. Vanilla Dutch FTW .
  5. I tried a wrap the other day because of course they come in much more flavors. Honestly I couldnt roll it for the life of my they are way to wet and tear super easy. Ill stick to my Peach Swishers for now.
  6. I dont buy games or dutchies. I buy a real 5$ cigar. Kaluha cigars are good. so many to name. but I dont waste money on cheap cigars. I invest money into a good cigar.
  7. well wraps are made for smoking blunts...they burn smooth everytime and they taste 1/10 as harsh as dutches or something. plus the flavors are awesome for variety
  8. smooth? bs, they run every time and burn fast as shit. i will never roll a wrap again even if its the last thing it use to smoke weed on earth. ill use the earth to smoke like in that vid.
  9. wraps are for people who dont know what they're doing. they also have a nice smell and taste while you roll it, but only a harsh chemical taste as it burns. Honey, Vanilla and Cognac Dutchies are my regular blunt.

  10. false statement..i prefer wraps and i can roll a perfect blunt everytime with a dutch or game or philly or whatever u want but to say that statement is fairly ignorant

  11. they don't run if you know how to roll them...and they burn faster because they hit harder. and yes smoother i smoke multiple blunts daily and my black roomate only rolls dutches i only roll wraps i like to say i have some experience comparing the two
  12. Rotate between cigarillos and blunt wraps. Honey Dutchmaster when I'm feeling silly.
  13. I just do wraps. I'm used to papers but get wraps so cheap at work there's no reason not to use them for the celebration days.

    Flavor-less wraps are the way to go if you want to steer away from the harshness, but I'm all about the Zig-Zag wraps.
  14. lol those are my regular!!!
  15. O my god wraps are so nasty they make the blunt taste like armpit and i cant believe you like the zig zags wraps they are like peices of flatly pressed shit espeacilally the apple blitz call it apple shits but wutever floats ur boat.
    FOR me its strawberry whiteowl foil fresh cigarillo
  16. For me saying wraps are cheating makes me want to slap you. Then why don't you break open cigarettes to roll your joints? You must be a cheater for using papers! Its the same shit with blunts, if you use wraps>cigars is the same as papers>cigarettes. Gosh golly geepers.

    Wraps for me, not because they are easy mode, both aren't hard. I prefer wraps because its less mess, less hassle, and around here, cheaper!
  17. i see your point but i dont smoke joints. i just think they are cheating because they are hella easy to roll compared to a real gar. a blunt wrap is ment to be rolled, an already rolled rillo isint ment to be re rolled. plus the taste of a rillo is a lot better than the nasty chemical taste i get form a wrap.
  18. I will agree that cigars have a little more actual flavor. Wraps play a trick though, they smell really strong, but the taste isn't there. I will agree on that. I do tend to dislike swisher sweets though, I prefer white owls. I use a nice white owl peach with some good dank when I want a really really nice, blunt. Those I only roll for special occasions though, so usually its just smoking bowls, occasionally joints, and sometimes blunts, but mostly just bowls.

    When it comes to a fun shwag blunt, which is common, I'll just roll with a wrap. If its not a special blunt, it doesn't get a special wrap. White owl Peach though with good bud, thats my top blunt. I only make those though when I want to have a nice blunt for me and my buddies. Most of my blunts are with shwag so I don't bother with cigars.
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    90% of the weed i smoke is mids because i dont the moeny for dank. and 80% of that mids is smoked in blunts,15% in bowls and the other 5% in a bong. smoking blunts is how i grew up, its my favorite way to smoke. i use cognac rillos for every single blunt unless im feelin a grape or peach. its just how we do in So Flo.
  20. I don't care at all, but I do agree that real cigars taste a bit better

    but I don't mind.. I'll smoke either

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