blunt wraps or cigars?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by ytfghmjb, May 31, 2009.

  1. simple.


    this, or this

  2. either or... if its rollable, its fine in my book
  3. i like cigars better, it gives me more satisfaction runrolling a dutchmaster and then skilling it into a good L, a bluntwrap is like a king j paper imo.
  4. Green Games or Dutchmasters for me. I'll roll and smoke a blunt wrap, but if I have a choice, I'm going for the game or dutchmaster.
  5. i like blunts of all kind. wet mango is better than any cigar IMO. rolling cigars with bud is so fucking trendy anyway. im not trying to be hood or anything i just want a good smoke
  6. cigar blunts are Hood now? lol

  7. most people who i smoke blunts wih really like the wraps better, but they still split cigars. most of which are white kids trying to be gangsta lol.

    i hardly even smoke blunts ever though. im more conservative
  8. Peach Optimus for me
  9. i hear ya on that bro, ill never turn down a good blunt, but im always content with a good couple hits from my bong

  10. last time i smoked a blunt was last night when i was rolling with like 3 people to get beer and jager for me and my friends beerpong game (only 18). the dude was cool cuz i got douces and he didnt even want any of my jager when i offered him a swig. blunts are great socially, but the downfall of weed is that it is a social drug mainly for alot of people. and most people smoke blunts to "get fucked up" thus dissing the herb.

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