blunt wraps in Canada!

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  1. lol depends where you are buying them at, and where you live.
  2. i live in British columbia and can go pick up blunt wraps from the head shop around the corner
  3. flavored wraps?
  4. anyone tried one of those glass blunt things?
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  5. ya dood
  6. weird they dont do that around here anymore.

    you mean those phunky feel tips by roor? they are like little glass filter for joints
  7. I could say youre getting ripped off. Backwoods only cost $6 for a 5 pack.

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  8. Yeah theyre pretty cool but they waste a lot of weed and its a MUST the bud is grinded or it wont burn right. Im thinkin itd be cool if you like spliffs. Not an everyday kinda thing cause theyre fragile and res builds in those like a mf

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  9. no they sell flavoured juicy j wraps n flavoured backwoods at my place i guess they still have shit in stock?
  10. I've bought lots of wraps online to Canada, including from and I've never had a problem with it!

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  11. Mmmm costed me (im checking my bank payments right now) was 19.45 in Great British Pounds, charged me 37.59 CDN!!
  12. Probably not what you want to hear but switch to joints and roll spliffs if you want that tobacco rush. Or just pack a mole (tobacco and weed) into a bong and rip it. You'll save a lot more bud if you pick the bong method than joints or blunts.

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