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  1. Help! I know Canada making blunt wraps illegal to buy and sell is old news BUT, I was wondering if there are any fellow Canadian members on these forums that have experience ordering blunt wraps online and having them shipped to Canada. I am worried that if I do order some blunt wraps, maybe a box of 25 wraps. That the CBSA will seize them and I wont be able to get my money back.
  2. Hey man! Just the other day I went to my smoke shop/corner stop, where before the ban for the flavoured tabacco officially took place, and got tons.... but the other day I was only able to purchase one flavour of them instead of them having a whole stock full. So I recently put an order through from a UK Online headshop that sells Platinum and Juicy J wraps. Im pretty sure, unfortunately that we'll have to order them now :(

    Im not sure about them being seized... even a few months ago, with the ban looming around in the air, I again, ordered from a UK shop and have them delivered no biggie. Im pretty sure youll be fine, and I doubt that theyll actually withhold your package.

    I wouldnt sweat it, but if you do then just order a few and see what happens; theyre pretty cheap online.

    Also, Im ordering from UK sites because US sites are aware of the ban and decide to not ship to Canada... so if mine do get withheld Ill be sure to come back and let ya know haha!

  3. Cool, thanks for the much needed info. Ill be putting an order in from an american website, I mean 20-25$ isnt much to lose but when you don't have a job it kinda sucks lol.
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  4. could you link me to the website you use? I want to see if they have a better variety
  5. I don't know how laws in Canada work, but in the US when something has been made illegal to buy and sell, it doesn't necessarily make it illegal to own. If you buy online, the transaction is taking place in the country where the server is located, so you're not buying them in Canada. You'd want to check to see if it's illegal to import them. If so, they could be seized if they're checked. Chances are they won't be checked though.
  6. Cigar Blunts and Blunt Wraps ! Keep in mind, most packages of blunts come with two wraps each!
  7. well i ordered some to canada will let ya know if they come haha
  8. thanks for the website :)

    please do :D
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  9. what website did you order them from? I am wondering if anyone has experience ordering from one of these two websites.

    BnB Tobacco

    Cigar Wraps -Juicy Double Wraps
  10. Hmm havent seen either of those websites before... looking further into the second website, it seems they only allow you to purchase if you spend a certain amount, and the first website they only sell packs of 25.

    I would just use the website I linked you to to be honest. The prices are in euros but they translate to around 1.70CDN per pack which is a good deal. Shipping isnt too pricey either, but its all up to you!
  11. yeah im looking for a wholesale type website, I want to order the 25 packs. they come up to 66 cents per pack. I even found a place in the states where I can ship them to, it will cost me like 8$ shipping, but if i tried to ship to my address, which is literally 20 minutes away. Ill be paying $50 shipping lol

    And at 66 cents per pack, I can easily make a few bucks off of my friends who desperately pay $15 for a pack of backwoods, and backwoods only comes with 3-4 wraps
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  12. Nice man sounds like a sweet deal!!!

    The web I linked you, they just arrived.. so good to know that site is legit at least! All 15 packs are accounted for! Lol. Cheers

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  13. nice! how much did that cost you in total, even shipping
  14. Y'all Canadians may have better laws, weather, weed, citizens, and cool maple leaf money, but at least America has the blunt wraps :pimp:
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  15. lmao someguywithabong. So nice of you to think highly of canada :p we have our goods and our bads just like you and everyone else does :p
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  16. Blunts are not worth it and they're terrible for you. I don't fuck with tobacco
  17. I know they are bad for me, that's why I don't smoke them :) But let me tell you, at 60-70 cents per package there is a hell of a deal to be made
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  18. What? No blunt wraps at all? In the whole country? What?
    NS made flavored tobacco illegal but this is the first I'm hearing of Canada wide. Fucking bullshit all around.
    When NS banned flavored tobacco they told all the stores to destroy leftover stock. Guy I know owns a store, he told me that he's not destroying 20k of merchandise! He still sells them behind the counter until the stock is gone. Go to a store that knows you and try your luck.

    We should ban milk and sugar in coffee too, FLAVORED DRUGS APPEAL TO CHILDREN BURN DOWN ALL THE STARBUCKS
  19. yeah there are some stores who have them but try to keep it on the dl. see im not trying to buy them to smoke them lol. A lot of my friends go out and buy these cigar wraps called "backwoods" they are like $15 for 1 pack and there is only 3-4 wraps in it. they used to sell juicy jay wraps for about 4-6$ each, so if i can get my hands on wraps for 60 cents each, my friends and I will be happy XD
  20. backwoods are $10 a pack your friends are getting ripped off

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