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Blunt wraps in Canada?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jim Fear, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Tried finding them everywhere but someone told me the wraps are illegal is it true and if not what shops can i get them at
  2. Gas Station?
  3. In canada flavored mini cigarellos/blunt wraps where banned , you can only find Phillies , etc and even then its hard ,youll need to go to a cigar store , and or find your local Indians reserve.

    I get all my white owls,phillies,backwoods from the Indians .

    Hope that helps.
  4. Not trying to be a prick, but it's Native. Indians are from India.
  5. That sucks my brother got a pack of 3 from montreal but i live in ontario so its not an easy trip just for blunt wraps

  6. He means the ones that we invaded not the ones that invaded us. :p
  7. dude..... that SUCKS haha, i'm from boston and i love smoking blunts. i can see the logic in banning blunt wraps, like legit nobody uses those to roll cigars... but banning individual cigars and cigarillos, that's sort of messed up
  8. In Montreal phillies are everywhere...

    And blunt wraps u could buy them at natives
  9. Are the juicy jay bluntarillo wraps illegal cuz thats what my bro got in montreal at some head shop

  10. I think they got them at hightimes don't remember
  11. He was referring to Natives, not Indians, what I said is politically correct, what he said is racist.
  12. You can get bluntwraps at headshops. Although they're sold as a pack of cigars, its really just a bunch of wraps rolled into a cigar shape.

    But ya, for the most part you either need to buy cigars/cigarellos and cut them open or just roll joints.
  13. yea man theyr illigal but you just buy cheap cigars and empty em, i usually get a c sam or phillies.
  14. Who are you? The reservation police?
  15. Why yes I am (puts on sunglasses)

    I joke of course. I just thought it needed pointing out that Indian is no longer a socially acceptable term to call Natives.

  16. Native is no longer the socially acceptable term to call Aboriginals.

    Point being, political correctness is a load of shit.
  17. Well, I disagree, Native is socially acceptable where I live, but this is off topic so I'm done arguing. The only point I meant to make was that calling a Native/Aboriginal an Indian is not correct. Sorry to the OP for going off topic.
  18. That's like someone saying where you get your meth? Ah I got it from the crackers down at the trailer park...
  19. Why would being politically correct benefit anyone other than a politician?

    Can we please find a new term for this?

    If a guys refers to a Native as an " Indian " of course that isn't politically correct. There's nothing political about the statement. Is it ignorant? Absolutely.

    And gigbyte, people are entitled to refer to Natives however they please. You're allowed to expect maturity and decency from others. You're not allowed to censor them. Being " politically correct " is an individual choice. It's not a law.

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