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    Every time I've rolled blunts, I've used Swishers and White Owls. However, I saw that 2 pack of Platinum Blunt Wraps at my smokeshop yesterday for only $1, and decided that I wanted to get a pack tomorrow after I get a sac. However, I'm only getting a dime and I plan on matching someone on Tuesday and getting another sac too. My questions are:

    1) Are 2 grams enough to fill one of these pretty well? I don't want a skimpy blunt like I do when I try to roll .8 into a Swisher. I'm wondering since I noticed that these wraps are 110 mm long and 5 inches wide. I've never rolled anything that big before

    2) Tying into that, how easy are these to roll? I can roll a decent joint, and my blunts are okay as well.

    3) Say I used one and saved the other one. How long would it stay fresh with the package opened if I kept it in a cool, dark spot?

    Thanks in advance
  2. hmmm.. well me and you are basically the same but i use dutches and bluntvilles more often. and wut u saw at ur smoke shop was the 2 in 1? bcuz i've used the platinum blunt wrap before and its 2 wraps in one packet, like a blunt ville, only that these are $1. i think you can roll 2grams into it but i dont suggest it, if you're going to spend the cash for 2grams why not spend an extra $2 and get a good wrap with leaf so that it burns better. platinum blunt wraps burn fast, (noleaf)
  3. two grams will be more than enough to fill them in my experiance. I say 1 gram each should come out with a deent looking blunt. To keep the second one fresh you can hold up a lighter the the ripped end and kind of reseal them by flattening the sides together when they're hot. They are a little bit hard to roll, and they don't come with a gum line like some of the others.
  4. In my personal opinion, Platinum blunt wraps tast like... well shit.

    Iv used them once or twice, and i regret it lol
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    So have you ever hit a bong? Just wondering if you liked it, cause I dont know how you couldn't want one?

    oh and btw, as said above, I'm pretty sure there are two wraps in one, you just have to cut it in half. but in my opinion, they arent very tasty. You know blunts and extremely bad for you right? the flavoring is anyways. Why not joints at least occasionally?
  6. Dont use Platinum Bluntwraps ..

    ALL those chemicals.. nah ill stick to my dutches
  7. No one in this town has a bong. I got ripped from my friend's bong on Saturday, but he lives 30 minutes away so I don't see him every day. Also, bongs are expensive and it would be impossible to hide one at my current residence. Believe me, once I get my own place I'm getting a bong

    It's not often that I get to smoke blunts because I usually just use my pipe. I smoke joints more often than blunts, but I still don't smoke them other than on occasion.

    As for the health effects, health is one of my last concerns when I'm smoking, unless I'm inhaling grit or metal. I bake and then buy 3000 calories worth of food :cool:
  8. I see I see. I figured you would answer with "i dont care since in smoking anyways" but I just wanted to inform you. It adds up when thats all you smoke, ya know? but joints are definately better imo anyways...
  9. i dont know where the fuck you live but in california we got like 300 different blunts and wraps at every corner store.

    i dont really like platinum wraps but theyr ok.
    nate dogg wraps are the worst.
    my fav are the juicy blunts (made by juicy jays)
    and the zig zag brand blunt wraps.
    kingpins are ok too.

    and in cali we smoke 1.0 blunts on the average.
    1 gram fills one of those really nicely,

    but if your smoking some garbage ass weed (im guessin you are since you wanna put 2 g's jus to get high) then i would roll more . or make hash oil out it
  10. I actually ended up getting Kingpins instead of Blunt Wraps since no one seemed to like them. I was looking for Juicy Blunts (since I always use Juicy Jays for joints) but the headshop didn't carry it for some reason

    If I only have 1 g then I just use my pipe or roll a joint.

    No, we're smoking good weed (as I already posted, Grandaddy Purps is a definite and Trainwreck is a maybe). I just want a fat blunt with good bud in it since I haven't hit a blunt in months

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