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Blunt wrap gone mad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by akidnamedustin, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. hey guys quick strory i bought a blunt wrap( blunt wrap double platium watermelon come wit 2 ) any way i open it up and try to un roll it from the tube and bam! it breaks/crumbles into 3 pieces so im like wtf jus happened? and then the same thing happened wit the next one serioulsy wtf?
    ive bought these before wit no problem the only thing i can think is that w maybe it got cold when they were shipped in a truck and became rock hard idk
    has this happened to any one before??
    thanks dudes
  2. them shits must be mad old cause you shouldnt be able to buy em anymore and since they crubbled cause it got dried out
  3. Blunt wraps are still legal as far as I know..

    Sounds like you just got a wicked old batch..

    Try licking them and piecing them together..I've had to do that a couple of times.
  4. o are they really banning them?? i heard that and
    yea they were probably jus to dry ill just stick to whit royal blunt wraps or white owls for now
  5. yea i was gonna lick em but lirtaly they were in at least 5 small strips and they kinda of crumbled its all goo tho
  6. Yes, they are now considered banned. well, kinda. Most headshops and gas stations now have a sign that says they sell them as "collectibles". Which is legal, for now. You either got one that is really old, or it could have not been sealed properly. I reccomend finding a brand or flavor that is more popular, like juicy jay grape or something, most places around me sell those quick.
  7. i take anything stale directly back to the store..and if they dont have anything fresh i get my money back..i suggest you do the same
  8. why are they banning them it doesnt make any sense
  9. It doesn't matter if they get cold, I keep my blunt wraps in the freezer if I don't plan on using them right away cuz it keeps them fresh.
  10. i bought 3 and all of them broke ones, im just like :confused: then went out and got more.
  11. Get your money back from the store u bought it from that's bs

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