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Blunt Wrap Chemicals???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by deakster, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. So whenever I smoke blunts, I always smoke dutches and I was thinking about switching it up and trying just a wrap. My friend just told me to never smoke wraps because apparently there are some types of chemicals in them (he wasnt sure which wraps or the types of chemicals). Has anyone ever heard this before??? Thanks guys:D
  2. I've never heard of added chemicals to any sorty of blunt/wrap
  3. Blunt wraps are made with tobacco. Tobacco grown in the U.S. (and possible abroad, I don't know) is sprayed with radioactive fertilizer. Radioactive fertilizer is a carcinogen, which means it can cause cancer. So is tobacco. 1+1=2, so there you go. Blunts aren't the best way to smoke. They waste weed and they're not good for you.

    Why not have a fat bowl instead?
  4. Well I actually have a vape so I use that pretty often but every once in awhile I love to roll up a nice fatazzzz bluntski. Nothing better than chillin with friends passing around a blunt.

    So your saying dutches are just as bad a wraps as far as carcinogens go??
  5. Blunts are bad, period. I had a friend who smoked at least two blunts a day for a year and a half and he started coughing up black shit. Why do you think they burn so slow? It's not because of the weed...

    Blunts are easier for the communal thing, but they're still bad.
  6. I run 5 miles a day, work out and blunt smoke creeps out my car windows like a broke stove.
    Do what you want.
  7. I personally would try to stay away from blunt wraps, it is a tobacco leaf and it causes cancer and is sooooo much worse for you than just smoking a book of papers. Try RAW's or some sort of organic hemp-based paper, that will bring out the taste of your bud.

    Cheers :bongin:
  8. go get yourself some raw papers, or smoke straight from the bowl. the reason rolling paper is so white is cause of bleach, you've seen what shit can do so imagine what it does to your lungs.
  9. Avoid blunts, they're just an image thing. Go with larger rolling papers (or just stick two regulars together) and roll a fat joint instead.

  10. Doesn't bleach evaporate?
  11. "And fuck rolling papers, I'm a rebel bitch, I'm ashing blunts"

    Blunts are bad for you. Either smoke them, or don't.

    My 2 cents.
  12. Smoking anything is bad for you. Either smoke what you want or vape.

    Just my 50 cents.

  13. Someone told me last night that games that are greeen r worse for u but didn't have anything to back it up other then someone told him thar
  14. [quote name='"Mafia93"']"And fuck rolling papers, I'm a rebel bitch, I'm ashing blunts"

    Blunts are bad for you. Either smoke them, or don't.

    My 2 cents.[/quote]

    Haha Tyler the Creator
  15. It's all bad for you. Ever needed to clean a pipe/bong?

    Nothing beats a blunt IMO. Sure tar is bad, tobacco is bad and w/e they flavor them with is bad but wtf isn't bad for you anymore? Don't say weed. I'm already a smoker, no need to lie to me

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