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blunt wont light :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Colts, May 19, 2010.

  1. smoked half a blunt and then put it out. little did I realize that I placed it in a puddle of beer on my table. now its wet and wont light :mad::mad:
  2. bite off the wet end a little
  3. the whole blunt is wet. thats the problem
  4. add gasoline.
  5. or just heat it with a lighter... cant lie when I first saw your title of this thread, i thought to myself "are you stupid?!":smoke:
  6. back of a crt over night
  7. Take the bud out and smoke it in a piece or something, it seems like it would taste shitty even if you dried it. Or you could re-roll it in a fresh rillo:smoke:
  8. Roast it with a lighter
  9. i unrolled it and it was soaked then tried a j but it was too wet. ended up smokin it in a piece.
  10. There's no good solution to that situation unfortunately, haha.
  11. Cut the tip of the blunt a bit, and i guess its a lesson learned for you.. Never put out a blunt
  12. well when you want a dub blunt to last over a two hour period its the only option.

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