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Blunt vs. Bowl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dimogreen, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Which burns faster?

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  2. I usually roll up at least a gram into a blunt, yet one gram equals several bowls for me. The blunt lasts longer.
  3. But you'd get a shit-load higher if you smoked a gram in multiple bowls rather than a personal blunt
  4. Lets say I roll a half gram or .7 blunt, thats like 2 or 3 bowls. I feel like with 1 packed bowl ill get 2 or 3 hits, but on a blunt it cooks, not bein burned directly each time. Right? Id say a blunt is slower, but if u hit a bowl right, you get blazzed
  5. bowl is the way to go
  6. #6 LaFFiZzLe, Dec 28, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2012
    Smoke a blunt,
    nice and slow,
    hold the smoke,
    now let it go
  7. Looks like 2 for blunts and 2 for bowls
  8. Bowls burn way faster than blunts.
  9. I agree, my roommate is wrong.
  10. Plus this dutch is callin out
  11. Bowl all day
  12. snap bowls. and to say that one lasts longer than the other is nonsense since the problem is almost always the user's. Snap bowls eliminate that problem as much as it can be i think.
  13. But a snap bowl is like 1 or 2 hits. Is that more butane or weed ur pulling? I agree that a snap will do the trick to get u high, but hows it nonsense to ask which burns quicker? A blunt u light once.
  14. A blunt will usually burn longer, but bowls are the way to go man
  15. Depends what you're asking...

    Obviously a bowl will make your weed last longer overall (will get you high way more times), but a blunt will last longer in one session (at least before you get equally as high via bowl as you would by the blunt).
  16. Right but i can hit a blunt 10 times b4 its half thru 1/2 thru. clip it if i want. Take another 5, clip. Cant clip a bowl. I agree that a bowl saves ur money and stash and does the job, but i forgot to mention its between 2 people.
  17. Is the solution to put the clip in the bowl after? Does that make a balance?
  18. Screw blunts, nasty shits.
  19. It depends but most likely the blunts burn slower since the tobacco leave slows it down.
  20. Far blunts all day

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