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blunt vs bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigbadboi69, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. two people, and .5 of some nice dank.. i like to conserve but with blunts, i get so much higher for some reason. maybe the nicotine in the wrap adds to the high?
  2. 1. I wouldn't even bother rolling .5 into a blunt.

    2. Bongs conserve better because when you smoke a blunt, the weed burns without you actually hitting it.
  3. I like blunts for more than two people no matter what, I just like the atmosphere that's created when passing it around.
    I love bongs, but I really only enjoy it if it's just like me and a buddy,
  4. It's the tobacco and nicotine that is actually KILLING/POISONING you and its effects make you feel that you're higher... stick to weed man
  5. Reggie/mids=blunts dank=bong...
  6. love blunt sessions...and agreed only use a bong with a couple people. too many people and its beat before it gets around once
  7. Do a search, there are countless threads like this
  8. If you wanna conserve, go with a bong

    If you wanna feel black, smoke a blunt
  9. I hate this arguement. Its been done over and over again.

    Its all relative to the smoker(s) and of course the situation.

    Blunts get you higher then bongs for 2 reasons

    A) Less filtration, meaning you get more THC, and more of the other cannabanoids.

    B) Resination, the smoke that goes past the rest of the weed is filled with all of the chemicals, these chemicals actually stick to the bud and make it much more potent. This is where the idea of "generation joints/granddaddy joints" came from.

    But for me, if the supply of weed is endless, and its all dank (so these two variables are now controlled) then this is how I go about it.

    Outside - (hiking, walking, relaxing, playing guitar.) Blunts for sure, they are most certainly the king of outdoor smoking, and also cruising. They just make the sun feel better for some reason.

    Inside - Bongs for sure, this is what I would use before bed, or early in the morning to medicate myself. They are what I want to use if im trying to get ripped, or if I just want to be stuck on the couch for a few hours, other than that I avoid bongs.

    But honestly both of these are not able to comepete with say edibles and vaping in the all around category.

    Edibles are good anywhere, they are discrete, and they get you fucked up. They are also better on your body in general.
  10. I look at it this way. You can load up about 3-4 bowls with that .5 nugget... You'll each get a nice big pull off each bong load. To me, if I rip a bong 3 times, I'm going to be a LOT higher than if I split a blunt. Shit, I get higher off my bong than I do from a blunt to my face solo, but everyone is different.
  11. Agreed. Blunts are wastful for the sole reason of #2. I love a blunt just as much as the next person, but I never smoke dank blunts, only low grade stuff. Bongs get you ripped with a few small hits. Gonna work out in a little bit then smoke a blunt after :smoke:

  12. Kinda off topic, but working out is great for potheads (and everyone actually!) because it helps burn some of the THC-laced fat you have, getting your tolerance down.

    I have no sources, except for myself. :devious:
  13. The idea of a .5 gram blunt makes me chuckle, I'd suggest you start packing that bong.

  14. Hah makes sense to me, I never even thought of that.

    But then again, I don't know A to Z with THC and its link with fat cells sooooo


  15. agreed.
  16. yeah when you only got .5 and its dank a blunt is the wrong choice
  17. Haha it's one of the reasons I work out. That and it's healthy for you. Working out clears my head and then smoking afterwords is almost orgasmic lol!
  18. If anything bongs only filtrate heat therefore giving you more smoke and thc. Water doesn't reduce thc count as it isn't water soluble. Resin is AKA tar so i wouldn't smoke it... i'm just trying to reduce misunderstandings for beginners

    IMHO blunts cannot compare to a well made bong by a long shot.
  19. Agreed, not many people like to waste dank in a blunt.

    Both are nice, I like to switch it up :)

    Blunts do create a nice atmosphere during roto though, I agree on that one.

    Bongs are better for more experienced smokers, just recently a roto that I was in ended because someone coughed into the bong and soaked the weed :(
    However, I never mind teaching new tokers how to hit bongs properly :)
  20. Water was meant to filter the smoke, any smoker knows there is a huge difference from a dry high, and a filtered one. Either way its a different high. But ive heard numerous times that water does in fact lessen the amount of cannabinoids, and/or thc.

    and what I guess I meant to say was resonation? or better yet augmentation. Basically the further down the blunt you burn, the more thc you get from each hit, its not a lot, but its why people save roaches to make generation joints.

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