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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by noitsnotme, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Been smoking for about two years now, mostly out of glass. Started out with a small glass pipe then stepped it up to a bong. Not a daily smoker, more of a weekend thing and the occasional hump day sesh.

    I can still remember when I was getting super high, but now it seems that I'm not getting as high as I used to. Okay I understand, tolerance. But there's folks here who smoke daily and still feel good.

    Don't get me wrong, I still feel cool but no where near as ripped as I used to get during the first 6-12 months.

    ANYWAY, the other day I met up with one of my friends and he tends to smoke blunts. He passed it over my way and after the first hit I was goooooooooooooonnnnnnnnneeeeeeee. gone gone gone. I didn't understand why I felt like I used to feel "back in the day"

    So why do you guys think I get a lot more high from smoking a blunt versus a bong. I take about 4-5 rips from the bong, but I don't get that ol' feeling back.

    Whats the deal?
  2. Do you regularly smoke tobacco? If not, most of that good feeling from the blunts could have been the nicotine buzz.
  3. ^^this..

    I have always smoked joints (UK based mixed with tobacco) in recent times I picked up some glass and I love it, at the moment preffare the high and the hit.

    Anyway as a result of moving to glass I have uncovered a niccoteen addiction. I dont smoke cigaretts but obviously the 20 years of joint has left me with a small niccoteen craving so not long after I take a bowl I crave a smoke. This being the case I have been wrapping up a small ammount of tobacco in a skin and scratching the itch.

    This is when I realised what the mix does, In 20 years I never really appriciated the difference between a pure high and a tobacco high. The reason I say this is my first joint of the night always seemd to hit me, make me a touch dizzy for a few minutes etc but its not the bloody weed, I take a bowl, let it wash over me during the next five mins, feel great, then 10 mins later have my little niccoteen fix and the nic fix amplifies the stone. Not in a bad way for me cos Im used to it but I can imagine to someone used to pure adding tabac to the mix will defo alter the effect.
  4. If a blunt gets you more high than a blunt then you're taking small hits or you have a small bowl
  5. So a bowl won't get you high, but a blunt will make you "goooone" off one hit?
  6. Val, I do not smoke tobacco. I used to but quit about 6months ago. I know what a nicotine buzz feels like, but believe, this was not one of them.

    Smoking from a blunt reminded me of what it was like to be high when I first started smoking MMJ. And the high lasted for a good 3-4hours. I've never experienced that kind of high with tobacco. If anything tobacco just gave me a nice little buzz for 5 minutes or so.

    PeacePot, I thought the same thing, so I bought a bigger bowl for the bong. More MMJ, more hits, same outcome. I don't feel it like I do with blunts.

    Thing is, smoking blunts is pricey.

    aaron, not just one hit. Even if I took the same amount of hits from either, the blunt still gets me higher.

    And just so you guys are aware, we smoke the same MMJ. GirlScoutCookies, PlatinumCookies, Lambs Bread and the list goes on and on. On this particular night we smoked PlatinumCookies.
  7. Its your tolerance, take a break. Its funny that the first couple times I smoked out of a metal piece I was blown and now that I rip bongs like a madman I dont get as high as I did back in the day.
  8. Tolerance? I hardly smoke. Weekends and mid week, and the midweek sesh is not crazy like the weekend.

  9. this.
  10. ^^^Doesn't matter how much I smoke. I could smoke more than a blunts worth in a bong and I still won't have that INTENSIVE high. The numbness, tingly effect is what I'm after.

    Same strain of weed, gram for gram I get higher with a blunt.

    Fuck it, I'm gonna let this thread die.

    Stop with the small hits/small bowl talk.

  11. Sounds like you need Stonger bud. Step it up man.
  12. Probably the niccotene in it. I know i empty out some tobacco into a g bong rip, i get so light headed, like i can barely stand up, its fun but sometimes you feel shitty afterwards

  13. Lately I've been smoking GSCookies, PlatinumCookies, Lambs Bread. 20-21% THC content.

    What else is there that's in the 22% and up strain?

    Still doesn't explain why the same strain, gram for gram, gets me higher when I smoke a blunt vs a bong.

    Are there any blunt like wraps/papers that are nicotine free? I wanna test this theory now
  14. I feel the same. I smoked half a swisher once with my friend and I was high as fuck. I could see my dad walk into a door in the middle of their living room. I had always smoked out of bongs before that and had never been that high.
  15. ^^^Glad im not the only one. any idea why that happens to you?

  16. Lol no clue man. I'm still waiting for somebody to post why it happens. :smoking:
  17. #18 hippie4u, Nov 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, 2011
  18. ^^^If I was loaded yes, but I'm not.

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