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blunt straws?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by taddcf95, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. are these little things used for anything? or just there for the blunt to be wrapped around in the little plastic blunt bag?
  2. Blunt straws? You mean like the plastic roaches they put on like black & milds
  3. no he means the straw inside a bluntwrap. i use them to pack more buds in after i roll it, thats about it
  4. ohh haha. alright thanksman. i thought i was missin out on something important xD
  5. haha no problem, my friend use to put it behind the ear of whoever rolled it, smells nice
  6. I always use em for like cigars when i roll to make everything really tight. i always push my tree in with them. Right now i have a glass full of em (200-300 straws)
  7. I rolled with a blunt wrap once, and hated it. The wraps break too easily, I like to roll with a White Owl Blunt cigar, cut it, dump the guts, roll the blunt with the inner paper, and then use the outer leaf to tighten everything up and make it look nice.

    IMO much better than a blunt wrap
  8. i dont like blunt wraps because if you fuck it up you cant save it with a leaf and alot of the time they are way to soft
  9. haha bro im so glad you posted this thread.

    my mom was in my room looking for something and found the straw on the ground. Shes ok with bud but nothing else. she thought it was for snorting coke haha. i completely forgot what the straw was from and when she asked me about it i said idk. i went on here and saw this and it saved my ass haha
  10. i use them to pack more weed in and sometimes ill cut a little peice off and roll it with it as a lil mouth peice it eliminates clogs and eliminates wasting weed if you toss your roaches. it gets you bigger hits if u put it in there. evryone is always stoked on it when i do it.
  11. Yeah, I don't think they serve any purpose. Earlier my dad found one and he thought I was using it to snort cocaine, but I then proceeded to explain to him what it was from and he understood and then asked why I just don't buy rolling papers.
  12. just packaging my man.

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