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Blunt smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lnhaleTHC, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Me and my 2 cousins smoked six blunts i could barley stand up has this ever happened to you, share your experiences.:eek:

    and whats the most blunts you've smoked in one session, also i would like to add last week was my first time ripping a bong thought it was amazing.
  2. Hmm, Yep iv had that happen haha. Not usually because i couldnt physically stand up, but from being so lazy i didnt feel like putting in the effort to. XD Most iv smoked in one session was 8, but iv got friends that rolled every flavor blunt they could buy/find and smoked them back to back...23 blunts..haha
  3. box of 50 dutches. 2 days
  4. ive done like bong snaps throughout the day and couldnt move but never enough blunts to do that
  5. Have like 3 blunts full of indica and no doubt you'll prolly feel like that!
  6. I smoked 3 pretty fat blunts of some dank dro between 3 people. I was sitting on the corner of the bed, and I guess I was kinda just rocking back and forth and I fell off the bed. I was so high, I needed help to get back up, haha.

    Also, smoked 5 blunts between 5 people, all lit and smoked puff-puff pass. (Everyone rolled their own blunt and we just kept passing). After the 5 blunts, I was ready to dip out. Sadly, I got lost trying to find my way out of the house (that I've been into many times) and it also took me about 5 minutes to Unlock a unlocked door.

    So yeah, get me smoking a few blunts and I'll be fucked up for sure.
  7. 2 blunts, 10 joints. Felt like i didn't have legs :smoke:
  8. 20 on my first 4/ throat says never again but my heart says......never again.
  9. I was bored last night, so I did ten bowls. I've never felt so tingly! :smoke:
  10. Don't let Wiz Khalifa see this thread.....
  11. The most i smoked in one session was 14. I didnt want to move after that.
  12. for about two years i went through a mad blunt phase.. i mean like 5-12 a day with my buddy and his sister. Always chilled and had a huge veggie garden we split n took care of. fun ass couple years but god damn my lungs are trash..

    then medical marijuana laws passed in my state, and i moved to a 2 fter bong. Didnt need a blunts worth of weed anymore :smoke:

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