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blunt smokers...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ronald U. Swanson, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. who doesnt use gas station type cigarillos?

    i mean i use em here and there cuz they are plentiful and everywhere but i do most of my rolling with backwoods cigars. who else uses real tobacco leaf like what cigars are rolled with?

    its just a much better smoke and the tobacco leaf makes the high INSANE.

    my gf took 4 hits of a backwood and got too high to see straight and curled up in a ball for a few minutes... and she smokes cigs/weed often...

    any OGs?
  2. na but im about to tr;y it tho, where do you get the backwood wraps? and are they the same size as a white owl?
  3. I prefer the juicy jay wraps over cracking a blunt. Have yet to try a backwood but I'll pick one up next time I visit my tobaccanist
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  4. you can get them at a lot of gas stations and just about any tobacco/smoke shop.

    they are the same size but when you unroll the leaf , you tear off the diagonal edge and it more the size of a rolling paper.

    they are really hard to wrap up without practice.

    a pack comes with 5 for about $5 so expect to use the whole bag your first try.
    Keep every thing wet ;)
  5. I have a swisher with a 8th of dank in it. Anyone care to join me tonight? If not I will be FORCED to smoke it all alone
  6. im there bro lol :hippie:
  7. backwoods are cool but I don't like the taste of the plain leaf. the flavors are too chemically.. try canon cigars Ron, tried one last year and haven't stopped they're a 10/10 blunt. I told hi roller on his thread toO

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