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Blunt smokers: weigh up your rolled swisha

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Syrup Sipper, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. was jus bored while i was rolling a blunt and decided to weigh it
    i weighed jus the paper, after i dumbed out all the tobacco and the paper weighed .5g and after i finished it was 1.3g i think it was
    grape cigarillo, mid grade stuff. dunno if that matters lo
    jus somethin to do :p
  2. .8 gram blunt a little weak man lol. ive rolled like some 1.3's(not weighing when its done, just the bud) out of swishers.
    try out blunt wraps, u can pack like 2 grams in there
  3. lol yea
    i was tryin to remember if it was 1.3g or 1.7g. cant remember if it was 1.3 with or without the rillo paper ha
    but you should see some of tha ppl i kno out in tha hood who roll like 3 blunts off a dime bag of weed..which is only 1g right? lol
  4. #4 cryptix420, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009
    Well of course I let my girlfriend take the digital camera with her to college this week, but I did just roll a 1.9'er using a Garcia y Vega with the natural leaf wrapper. Also put a little maple syrup on the inside of the blunt before I rolled it. And to finish it off a dab of maple syrup on the tip where you toke. Gives it a nice subtle sweet flavor that makes you lip your lips and just think "mmmm"


    You might be able to tell I just smoked half of that blunt.

    BTW, this was the weed I rolled it with -

  5. im not hatin on people who roll thin blunts, as long as the weed is evenly distributed and ur smokin it to urself. when i smoke by myself i roll like .6 or .7 blunts so i can smoke the whole blunt and not be too retarded lol. i only roll fat blunts when i got like 4 heads on it. and when i do i usually use phillies cuz they are bigger.
  6. damn that looks good. i got some shit that looks similar to that right now but the leaves are darker and there arnt as many triches:(
  7. nice bud bro
    and maple syrup? neva heard of that before, gonna have to give that a try ha
  8. yeaaa maple syrup reppp
    thats my fave shit, or just gettin a maple syrup blunt wrap!
  9. Yeah, its the shit. I must stress what a TEENSY amount you need to use though. I mean barely get ANY on your finger or you'll completely soak the blunt and fuck it up. Just put a tiny at a time, because you can always add more. Makes it burn real slow.


    Kind of ironic given your name and all lol
  10. so do you jus rub some maple syrup on the blunt with your finger after you roll it or what? sorry if i sound ignorant lol
  11. Lol it's all good. :smoke:

    It's all personal preference. Personally, I like it more when I dab a little on my finger and spread it around the whole inside of the blunt before I put the weed in, and I also add a tiny amount of tobacco to help with an even burn.

    Find your own mix :)
  12. ha k cool imma try that this weekend
    and yea my name...tha promethazine/codeine syrup lol
    it's amazing with weed
  13. Definitely. I've had a few lean blunts. The lean itself tastes so good!
  14. I hate rollin fatties.. its not worth it in my case, if you got hella heads smokin.. juss roll another El.

    My prime blunts is probably weighing in a 1.5, 1 gram per blunt should do the trick.. cuz it burns so smooth and slow, its like smokin a 2 gram blunt.
  15. i kno tastes so sweet
    well if you've heard me and my drank by lil wayne then you'll kno lol
    but i was lookin at your name, never tried shrooms before. want to but have no clue where to find them
  16. I actually just got a real nice 1/4th not too long ago


    They're truly a mystical fungus. You've gotta find some. I realized what I wanted to do with my life the first time I did shrooms.
  17. man...i never tried them or even seen them in person
    i gotta find some..ship me some lol

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