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blunt rolling.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hey all. I cant roll blunts good haha but i wanna learn. i dotn know how to actually tuck and roll right =/ can sombody help me out haha how do i do it without the blunt getting loose
  2. You have to really 'roll' it, Alot of people tend to jus fold the blunt and try to roll it up.

    First i put the weed in and then kinda pack the weed down by rolling it back and forth, Then you jus gotta roll it to the point where its able to tuck. Once its tuck i keep rolling it back and forth slowly getting higher up the blunt till its ready to be sealed.

    Really it jus takes practice.
  3. roll the inner leaf like a joint sorta but not too tight, lick the end to seal it so it doesnt come apart while youre rolling the outer leaf, then just lay the inner leaf on the outer leaf and roll it up and at the end lick it real well and get it pretty tight so it doesnt unwravel, reroll the outer if you screw it up the first time
    edit:to loosen it up if you roll too tight or want it more even you can roll it in a dollar bill(dont smoke the bill if it isnt obvious that will give you ink poisining) or between your fingers, if you want it almost perfectly straight and a better hit use the dollar bill

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