Blunt rolling tips? (For a noobie:P)

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  1. okay guys so i can roll joints okay. As long as they hit they work. My blunts are really bad and i wanna roll about 1.5 blunt i got a zig zag wrap. Last time i rolled a blunt was behind a movie theater with a swisher sweet and it was just bad.. it ended up in 2 blunts.. haha but now I think im more experienced with rolling (from rolling joints) now. So does anyone have some tips to give me so i can roll this in somewhat of a decent blunt? I will post a pic once its rolled! (If someone tells me how lol)
  2. roll about a gram in that first of all, or roll 2 ~.7s (what I would do if I was you).

    but I mean, it's a lot easier to help if you say what your problem is in the process?

    really it's just, get a good tuck, and ROLL it, don't fold it. lick it. use a lighter to solidify it.
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    alright thanks! I think i may go big and just go for the 2.0 and attempt it. If all goes good then ill be happy. If not then ill just have 2.0 to pack in my bong haha. But just my problem in general is just the bud falling out while tucking and rolling. Also getting it to stick. They never seem to stick good for me...
  4. yeah you're probably folding it more than rolling it than. if you actually have an upward rolling motion and lick it right it'll stick.

    and if it's falling out, just be careful with it I guess lol. you can always put it back in. never happens to me though.
  5. Alright will follow your suggestions and if all goes good ill be pretty damn lit.
  6. [ame=]How to roll a blunt with a swisher sweet - YouTube[/ame]
  7. you want to work it in sections when starting off, and use a smaller amount that 2 grams in one blunt, start out with a modest .75-gram and work your way up
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    alright everyone. I have rolled it. It came out nice!


    2nd blunt ever rolled. you could maybe fit a dime perfect into the hole^
  9. Kind of off topic but does anyone else put crutches in their blunts? I feel like I'm the only one who does
  10. Practice, practice, practice

  11. I been smoking for a while now. Once i first started smoking, Blunts were the most common thing I smoked off of. I'd sit and watch in amaze how my friends would do it so quick. But anyways I never ever had a crutch in a blunt. All We ever did was just leave about maybe a centimeter of room from the side your gonna pull from.

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