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  1. The only blunts Iv smoked have been when iv taken a swisher or black and mild and emptied them out and refilled them with weed.

    These tend to burn somewhat fast.
    I was wondering how much slower blunts burn when they are rolled in blunt wraps.
  2. i believe dutches burn slow
  3. Black n Milds are terrible for blunts.

    The swisher probably burned fast because it was loose.

    Try rolling it and see how much better it burns.
  4. I smoke royal blunts blunt wraps and they burn slow i can usually get 3 sessions off of one blunt
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    hm im not a blunt person but I think if you put like a pencil (eraser tip) in the side ur gonna smoke from then load ur weed in the top and just use something to like compact the blunt it sounds like it might work and like stay together good/not burn fast.... I think the tighter it is it will burn fast and also just NOT to tight.
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    Swishers don't burn slow. i rolled an strawberry swisher 20 mins ago that burned from 11:00pm to 11:25pm thats straight 25 min of me smoking some heat! LOL

  7. From my experience most blunt wraps burn pretty fast. Games are specifically slow burning and they probably create the slowest burning blunt (they're also the hardest to roll). Dutches are my personal favorite and they're known for having a nice even slow burn too.
  8. swishers r my favorite jus cant roll it loose nd try keepin it just a lil bit moist just enuf 2 keep it from burnin 2 fast

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