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Blunt question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I have smoked them before but never rolled one. I only have a gram left and can get high from like .2 of dank. Is a blunt the wrong thing to make? How much do people usually put in a small blunt. It would be for personal use only
  2. .3 sounds decent enough for personal use.

    However, if you can get high from .2, it'll be better if you use it through glass.
  3. .5 MINIMUM for a blunt. You would not be abe to roll a .2 blunt.
  4. A blunt would be a huge waste of time/money imo. I'm assuming you don't have a bong or a vape so I'd say just roll up a small j with .3-.4g
    You can get a decent sized personal j with that amount, also you sound cool with tobacco since you smoke blunts so you could always mix in a little baccy (not too much, 20 pct rolling tobacco max is my rule...even in hard times!). Just a pinch will let the spliff burn a lot slower and more evenly:smoking:. (Don't crucify me :()
    Oh and a small blunt for me is a g minimum, but I prefer rolling a big ass joint anyway, still burns slower lol.
  5. Don't waste money and weed, (which could essentially just be more money wasted) on a blunt. Use a pipe or any other kindaglass.
    If you dont have access tothat, spend the money you would've on a cigar and buy a pack of papers and roll a joint
  6. U dont roll a small blunt.. U roll a fat ass blunt n smoke that thing all day!
  7. I dont understand y ppl r sayin blunts are a waste of money.. If u dont like them.. Dont smoke them.. But for the ppl who do like them im sure its not a waste of money to us!
  8. You could but it would be pointless.:)
  9. Blunts are my personal choice of smoking and usually I put at least .7-.8 for a decent blunt to burn slow and smooth. If you can get high off .2 and you dont want to use a lot of bud go with glass or make an apple bowl

  10. We're saying they're a waste of money because, comparatively, they are a waste of money. Joints are my preference but even those are a waste of money compared to a bong.
    You can smoke what you want, doesn't change the fact that some methods are more economical than others lol
  11. lol .2 in a blunt
  12. Haha .2 in a blunt would look silly. Honest question, could you cut a blunt wrap in half? I basically only smoke joints aside from my bowls and what not so i don't even really know.
  13. .2 of an oz is about 5 grams, just about right for a blunt
  14. Why? Just roll a whole one and put it out when your stoned. Save the other half for later. :)
  15. pshh hogwash
  16. Throw it all in the blunt! Stuff that blunt like cheese in a crust!

    But .5 could also work.

  17. Go right ahead and cut it, but give it some more lengeth than half.
  18. Well I was only asking to cut it because he said he had .2 and since that isn't enough for a whole blunt, why not cut it in half. Lol
  19. Yes u can.. but u gotta put it in a sealed container..or roll it right now..if not it will dry out n you wont be able to use it
  20. The way to do it !

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