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Blunt or joint!?!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420 flame, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I personaly like a bong the best :p. but i want to see what u guys like more. A joint or a blunt. I rarely smoke a blunt. Only if my friends have one they smokin, but i roll jays pretty often. I hate how quick my jays last and i may go to be a blunt man :). Im in new jersey. And atleast in my area blunts are more "gangsta" and for blacks. And joints are more "chill" and for whites. Im not a racist hick...i hate everyone equally:D. But anyway...blunt or joint. With reasons.
  2. Joint. Blunts are overrated but I still smoke them once a month. Joints give u the full taste of your herb and I'm never smoking Schwag so ya that's why I fuck with joints.
  3. Joint just because I don't like the thought of smoking tobacco with weed
  4. Blunts> Joints any day
  5. If I had unlimited bud id choose joints. But for the last few days I've been smoking a blunt a day .
  6. Depends on the whats going on. If im witha bunch of my best buds then a blunt all the way. But if im alone then ill go with a joint.
  7. A well rolled joint will burn just as long as a blunt, so I pick joints
  8. I used to smoke 4 or 5 blunts a day then discovered King Size Raw papers and now only smoke blunts on rare occasion. Fit just as much herb as a blunt and if you puffing headies papers are always far superior for taste.
  9. Blunts man. Although burning weed in a blunt is still ineffecient, papers are worse. Youre not getting as much THC to your brain. Get a pipe if you can
  10. I smoke really dank shit hmm. Maybe ill set up a expierement one of these days...ill tell u how it goes

  11. if you roll correctly you shouldn't have to re light them and i'm not sure i understand what you mean by look nasty? haha just get an even burn and roll it up nice and tight and you should be fine. I prefer joints>blunts, but everyone has their own taste. Smoke on:smoke:
  12. Blunts>joints.
    Nuff said
  13. Usually if there is 3 people it more we'll roll up a blunt but any less we just roll a J.
  14. I like them both so for me it would just be whatever I'm in the mood for.
  15. joints, blunts are harsher and overpower the flavor of the weed
  16. blunts taste good... joints are healthier and give you the full taste of the bud :)
  17. Joints all the way. I can get fat rips off both but jays taste better and dont tturn stale
  18. I used to prefer joints but switched to blunts because they last longer.
  19. I roll a decent joint. Heres a pic of one. But i think i dont like how thin and soft papers are. So i may like blunts more.

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