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blunt or cigarillo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by j rizzle, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. hey everyone i am going to roll my first blunt tonight and i was just wondering what kind of cigar to buy....blunt or cigarillo? what is your favorite?
  2. Dutch's are the best in my opinion but go with a Swisher Sweet- grape flavor
  3. get a dutchmaster in whatever flavor, i find those pretty easy to roll if you take your time
  4. get a 5 pack of rellos. swisha. whatever flavor you want.

    split it, lick the edges so they dont open. and twist it up.
  5. yea thats what i was thinking of getting...5 pack of grape swishers
    and when i roll it, is the whole leaf sticky when i lick it? or only one part?
  6. if its your first one...and your dont have alot of rolling skillz i would try the blunt first.. even though the cigarillos are better.. the blunts will be ezer to roll and gives u more to work with and ez to practice... its kinda like trying to roll a joint.. for the first time.. if u use the ezwider 2" papers its ezer to roll than a 1.25 zigzag ( im not saying better ) just ezer to learn on..then step it down to a smaller size so you dont have so much paper/cigar.. I roll dutches but i wouldnt try to learn on them.. id roll a swisher cigarillo to learn cigarillos then after u master the cigarillos then u can switch to a dutch! P.S. you want to have atleast a gram when rolling a cigarillo 2 imo ;) and always have a fresh dutch..
  7. swisher grapes.
  8. Get original swisher cigarillos... the only way to go.
  9. if its gonna be a swisher its gotta be Strawberry. Peach swishers are acceptable if Strawberry not available!
  10. i prefer cigarillos since they have less tobacco, and you can still pack them pretty fat. but if your rolling up a few gs use a blunt.:smoke:
  11. vanilla dutch master, if not then a grape phillie cigarillo, the burn slow as hell, but come dry. why not try a blunt wrap, they burn slow, great flavor, i dont understand why their frowned upon.
  12. peach swisher
  13. screw wraps they always taste to strong and u cant enjoy the taste of the weed.. also they are always to damp and tare ez and are a pain to roll imo they have no structure, like wet noodles. the only thing good about a wrap is that theres no tobacco to get rid of.
  14. i think wraps are good with potent bud but cigarillos are better with lesser quality bud. The potent bud combined with the flavor of a potent wrap works together to create a delicious medley. However with less than amazing bud the flavors do overpower the pot. But cigarillos are pretty good with anything. they are light enough that they dont over power lesser quality bud abd they really let the flavor of potent marijuana shine.

    if u get what im sayin...
  15. dutch cigarillos,,,cause u can just split them,,,cause rrilos dont have the cancer paper,,but the blunts do,,,so u gotta scroll them
  16. Cigarillos are good for A-B or solo blunts. I'll crack a dutch if I just picked up a fat sack or I'm with other people, usually if they're throwing down bud as well. I use a lot of Royal's blunt wraps for some reason, if you roll them right they can burn just as slow.

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