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blunt of vaped bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokabowl, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. hey guys.
    i have a quick question.
    i have about half a gram of decent dro.
    I plan on vaporizing all of it in my Vaporgenie, but I was wondering if I could roll all the left over vaped bud in a blunt.
    I know theres hardly any thc left, but im bored with nothing else to do, and if it'll increase my high im 100% down to try.
    Any of you guys tried this?
    What if I vape the bud less, like make it very light greenish/brownish, instead of dark brown? or is it not even worth it and i should totally vape it then smoke it? thanks
  2. .5G isn't very much for a blunt in the first place. After you vape it, it will probably weigh even less. I guess you might be able to get a buzz off it, idkk. Go ahead and try it and report back to us.
  3. i can smoke by ABV (Already Been Vaped) and get high from it still. its not a great high, but it makes me tired and couchlocked, with a decent body buzz.
  4. i keep all my vaped bud but i think it'd taste pretty gross in a blunt. but go for it if you wish.
  5. i actually meant a joint. But either way good point, it may weigh less after vaping. But ya Im not expecting much, but Im smoking it right after vaping so it should add to my already megahigh haha. ill letcha know how goes
  6. Or just save it until you have enough for edibles.
  7. ive smoked vaped bud and theres a nice body buzz it in. i fall alseep soon after
  8. you can go ahead and smoke it,like 2 joint will get you high :smoking:
  9. It'll just fuck with your head and make you feel buzzed because of lack of oxygen.
  10. No, there's some cannabinoids left in there.
  11. Id just soon load up the olll reliable bong instead of taking the time to roll a j that probably wont do too much.
  12. If you must. If I were you, I'd do what that other poster said and save it for edibles. Or hash.
  13. Of course.....thats the best way to use vaped weed imo. And its fun to do smoke tricks with it. :smoke:
  14. or you could vape all of it.

  15. This. I always used to save my vaped bud for brownies or to make hash from.

  16. haha yeah, cause its not really a waste..already got most of the good out of it.

    i've found bong hits with avb is a little better then a blunt rolled with avb.especially with ice in the bong since its somewhat harsher then normal buds(especially if its crushed )

    as for edibles..if its mids you should probably try and save up to 2 gs or more for one firecracker.
    if its dank 1 g should be good for a decent firecracker. tons of recipes/guides in the incredible edibles forum.

    have fun man. keep vaping:cool:

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