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Blunt Lips

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by burninlitebrite, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I know im not the only one.

    Anyone else lips darken from smoking blunts overtime?

    I startd out on a strawberry philly, then I met a homegirl from NY who introduced me to dutchmasters, and since then I havent looked back. I blow a dutch a day and have notice the effects on my lips, and its funny bc i can notice smokers by this trait.I call them Dutch Lips.

    Anyone relate?
  2. Wow, I started with Strawberry Phillies to. Now I'm all for Dutch Masters.
  3. perma blunt lips? no... blunt lips after smoking a huge blunt? yup
  4. i dont really smoke blunts, but if i do its usually a Cyclone, you can pack like an 1/8 in those and they burn SO slow. Anyways, nah ive never really noticed it but now that you mentioned it ill probably see it more
  5. never noticed it, probably will now aswell
  6. that aint no blunt son thats a cone

    a blunt is a dutchmaster, hand rolled

  7. WORD..unwrapped rolled rewrapped
  8. i have a purple dot on my lip which i suspect is from smoking j's and blunts:smoking:
  9. maybe its the resin on your lips after smoking the blunt?

  10. It is. :cool:

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