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Blunt in bong

Discussion in 'General' started by PeacefulStoner, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Anybody else get a major fucking head rush from ripping blunt roaches through a bong?

    When i don't use a filter i do this and sometimes the head rush is too much and i have to sit down for a sec.
  2. yea dude ill take an old roach and pack it in there and just blast it to my face

    gets me sooooooooooooo fuckin high instantly
  3. I just discovered this, quite by accident. My brain asploded. Ten thumbs up. Will attempt again.
  4. Oh, and I did not include the blunt wrapper. I opened it and emptied out the contents into the bowl. I think it's the resin that has pulled through the unburned leaf that gives it that potency, because I took enough notice of its strength that I went googling the matter and came across this thread. With that theory in mind, I'm thinking of extinguishing my blunts now half way through smoking them and conserving the remains for those rare emergencies when I find myself in need of an express ticket to outer space.
  5. But it stinks x10 more.
    But it's worth it :cool:

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  6. yes i do also. maybe the resin from before?
  7. yeah like when you get to the point where ur like forcing yourself to smoke.....make sure you get over half way though otherwise whats the point in the blunt
  8. you guys never heard of generation joints/blunts?

    save up a bunch of roaches; they're generation 1 roaches. when you have enough roaches to roll a blunt/joint, roll it. now you have a generation 1 blunt/joint.

    Smoke it, save the roach. Now you have a generation 2 roach. Save a bunch of generation 2 roaches (you have to save up a batch of generation 1 roaches to get a generation 1 blunt to get a generation 2 roach, o' course) and roll a generation 2 blunt.

    Did a lot as a teenager with my friends.

    Ended up smoking a generation 3 blunt ONE time but never got past a generation 1 blunt since :D
  9. I want to smoke a generation 420 blunt, created by the Stoners of the World in a "Joint" effort.
  10. I had trouble smoking a joint, so I stuck the business end into a mates bong.


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  11. Anyone ever hear of planting a tree? I've never done it but I want to.
  12. I just discovered this, quite by accident. My brain asploded. Ten thumbs up. Will attempt again.
  13. I love doing that s#$t I smoke all my blunt and joint roaches out of the bong I use a double beezy to do it I guess it's the only thing out there actually designed to do so out of the bong

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