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blunt i just rolled

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerwiz420, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. here's the blunt i just rolled with the bud i showed in the stash jar forum post, thanks to everyone for saying use a grinder, it seems like it'll burn pretty good and not too fast. quality isn't all that great but this shows the blunt i just rolled, used a roller


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  2. Used a roller with a blunt? That's new never heard of that, rollers just make things too thin

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  3. well the last time i didn't have any weed, i rolled up another herb and it burned for like 15 minutes when i used a roller, so hopefully this will be similar
  4. the ends could be a little tighter, smoked good tho all that matters!
  5. lol yeah i know, i could only pack so much in there, i didn't want to use all 4 nugs that i had so i only used 2, i used the biggest one and one of the smaller ones
  6. damn good deal you could roll another blunt then haha
  7. haha i kinda want to save the last 2 for my vaporizer, i get super high with my vaporizer
  8. Learn how to roll a blunt yourself, ain't that hard. Easier than a joint in my opinion
  9. first off, i'm not a kid, i'm 20 years old, and second; i haven't had enough practice, i did roll a blunt on my own once but i prefer to use a roller because it burns longer, mainly because it's thinner and longer
  10. #10 TheAnswer121, Feb 7, 2014
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    Is that a wrap thing. Looks like it. Don't matter how you roll em, they always burn faster than an actual cigar. Get you a Game and you'll be set;) get your rolling skills up son, I'm glad you were able to smoke but don't say you rolled a blunt with a roller, because you didn't roll anything
  11. to all the people judging that i didn't roll it by hand, let me tell you straight off, i smoked it yesterday with my friend and it burned for 10-15 minutes, so why roll a blunt by hand if it's not going to burn that long? if i had rolled one by hand, all the bud would've been gone in like 5 minutes, but instead the blunt burned for 10-15 minutes, it burned really long, so i'm sticking with using a rolling machine
  12. All the blunts I smoke last 10-15 minutes.  If its burning too fast you just didnt roll it very well.
    Nothing wrong with not knowing how to roll, just get some practice because eventually you will realize how inconvenient a roller is compared to using your hands.
    I'll hand roll a 2 gram blunt in just a minute or two
  13. ewwwwwwwwwwww one of those flavored pre packaged blunt wraps.
    I find Dutch masters, optimos or swisher type blunt to be much better.  
  14. well i'm a beginner blunt smoker cause i usually use glass or a vaporizer but i'll use those other things eventually, but the wrap tasted pretty good and it got both of us stoned as hell!!!! it was awesome, but yeah just for the time being i'm using the wraps, when i learn how to roll by hand, i'll use dutches or swishers, the first time i smoked a blunt it was a swisher blunt and i greened out, but i'm used to them now
  15. nice, a 2 gram blunt, i'll have to try that some time, i just used 2 nugs but idk if that came out to 2 grams, cause i did buy a dub or 20 sac, so i still have a little bit left over, but i'm gonna blaze the rest in my vaporizer which always gets me super stoned, and yeah i like to use a roller for now because i haven't had much practice, i mean i did an okay job with the one i hand rolled one time but it was kinda hard, but anyway yeah the blunt burned hella long, in fact we didn't finish it because we were already super stoned about a third of the way through, so we put it out and there's still a little bit left, probably good for 5 more hits each idk, super potent stuff
    Yeah sorry man. I guess my comment came of as a hater.  As a guy who used to smoke madd blunts in my day I have a hate on for those things. I guess it's more of a love hate thing cuz there is nothing like makin love to a blunt for half an hour or so. Oh sweet sweet mary jane. I can't blame ya. I used to smoke a pack of blunts in backwoods every day for a couple year period.  That among other blunts as well for years before. Anything you could find at a 7-11 or gas station/corner store.  Don't be fooled by that delicious taste man!  It's pure chem. Particularly the flavored blunts*shudders*. I attribute most of my respiratory problems to my blunt days.  Cortisone steroid inhaler daily and a rescue inhaler for situational use. Never needed inhalers in my youth/adolescence.  Never smoked cigarettes and I bet if I never smoked all them blunts my lungs wouldn't be nearly as bad.  I'd hate to think it was because of the pot itself.
    Enjoy them in moderation young man.  Hone your rolling skills and try to use unflavored.  Whill still bad they are that much less bad for you.  If you can source those plain untreated tobacco leaves even better!
    Nowadays it's vape only for me because it's the only thing that my lungs can handle.  Except I bought a dab rig for the wife so I can't resist the occasional dab here and there.  Had my first 2 yesterday and kept em small. :D
  17. Hell ya man, i always roll joints with a machine less time and always a perfect joint.
  18. Looks good man, I always found blunts much harder to roll at first!
    Haha I thought the same thing.  I've also seen people put filters in blunts.  Usually it's these kind of wraps as well.
    Gotta do it oldschool like an OG.  Corner store cop.  Gut it with your thumb.  Empty it and roll it up.  Maybe I'll make a tutorial for all the young guns out there. :D
  20. You have to realize you are in fact a kid though. No offense man, I'm a kid, I'm just 21. Our lives haven't started. But fer srs, hand rolled is better and plenty easy for blunts. I use a roller for joints though because I love the super tight even roll appeal of a roller joint.

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