Blunt Drive gone WRONG

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by foamdohm, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Ok so i go to pick up an eighth of haze from my dude, roll a blunt , then light it up for the ride home which is 20 min or so.

    So before entering the parkway i was already hella blazed, and i didnt even realize i went south instead of north on the parkway.. and im no donkey , this never happened b4 and it was jus this once..... so ne way i start going the wrong direction and i notice right when i get on , so i get right off the next exit expecting there to be an entrance to the parkway going the other direction right when i get off..

    so i make a right out of the exit off of a high whim , since i dint no wherei was... and i see this police sign, so im like hmm? mehhhh. then hit my blunt once more... NOTE the car prob has smoke seepin out of it and it REEKS

    then i see a sign that says __ __ POLICE PISTOL RANGE, so im like :eek:, and i keep driving down this road untill i get to this HUGE brick arch, saying __ __ POLICE TRAINING FACILITY.. so im like OHHHH FUCK, and i see a building saying KANINE CENTER.

    at this point im figuring i jus got myself arrested, but i turn the fuck around and get my ass outta there, but not before seeing a parking lot with at least 50-60 police vehicles...

    then i finish my blunt and roll another freedom blunt in celebration of my survival and get on the parkway :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    most scared ive ever been in my life
  2. Sounds like someone was watching over you man
  3. damn, I would be shitting bricks in that situation dude.
  4. Dude, that's wicked scary. I'd be shitting myself.
  5. lol i woulda had the same reactions as you my man. OHHHH SHIT MAN!
  6. id faint
  7. How did you have time to roll another blunt while in the car? Or did I read that wrong?
  8. Damn man, that's rough. I would have calmly turned around and prolly woulda been geekin the whole way out. :smoke:
  9. talk about the belly of the beast
  10. thats some scary shit
  11. i woulda hauled ass outta that bitch lol
  12. some shit you just have to look back at and laugh I would have geeked the whole way back

  13. i rolled a freedom blunt, i had all the time in the world once i escaped
  14. must have been some good bud.
  15. Ok. I thought you said you rolled it in the car.
  16. Damn, if only your car had a dashcam!

  17. lmao i know!

  18. Dude that story was fuckin dope!

  19. sounds like a stoner movie in the making. haha
  20. if i could sig this whole story i probably would... good stuff man. glad you didnt get busted.

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