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Blunt Crusers Guide to not getting cought

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Abra_Kadabra, May 17, 2010.

  1. #1 Abra_Kadabra, May 17, 2010
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    some background info

    ok, so last Thursday i was on a blunt cruse with 2 of my good friends, and after a crazy 2 hour drive through the Indian reservation,a short little street race, massive cig pickup and 4 or 5 "L's" i was headed home, TOTALLY FUCKED, i could not even remember the last time i was that high AND driving. low and behold right as i was coming off the through way, i fucked up. as i got to the exit intersection i stopped at the red light and looked out for my chance to make a right on red, needles to say i pulled out a LITTLE bit to soon, the car passed me and beeped, and then RIGHT BEHIND ME a city cop appeared, he must have followed me for like 6 blocks, same speed as me, he was DEFIANTLY running my plates. i should have been pulled over if it was not for this VERY important check list

    "the list"

    this was a check list that me and my fellow cruisers in my area all came up with one night as we were headed out. and if you follow this to a tee, you should not be pulled over for any reason, and IF YOU ARE pulled over, how this can keep you safe.

    1. OZIUM - "Ozium, the original air purifier, is a chemical agent that actually eliminates smoke and unpleasant odors" - Ozium - Air Sanitizer, Air purifier and Air deodorizer

    IMO ozium is the BEST air freshener, keep the smallest bottle you can find with you, trust me you don't need much. and this will make your car smell like, well. nothing.

    2. pre-roll - this is CLUTCH and it is often over looked my people who like to smoke on the go. when your rolling up in a parking lot or even when your driving at night (in my experience) MOST rollers need can NOT drive at night with your hood light ON, that's gonna get you pulled over. and if you DO get pulled over your not cough with any type of loose marijuana, its easy to just ditch a dutch at night, its dark and so are the L's its harder to toss a light bag that reflects, it will look like a little glowing ball getting tossed out your window and will probably get blown around in the wind

    3. CRUSE CONTROL - If you have it, USE IT. a lot of the time people dont worry about speed, but where i live a lot of people are out a night, and when your BLAZED, you forget things sometimes, and you dont want one of those things to be how fast or SLOW your going, if your on a highway/through way/expressway/interstate cruse, turn on your cruse controll and drive JUST OVER the speed limit, this makes you look like the average driver, ALSO its one less thing to think about

    4.CLEAN YOUR CAR - This is in case of a pull over, if you look like you have a clean car, that smells like NOTHING (ozium) and your not blasting music or anything like that. a cop will more then likely just tell you what you did wrong, if it was kinda serious give you a ticket for something, but chances are he was looking for something in your car, if you keep a CLEAN ride (ash trays and all) its one less reason for a cop to ask to look around your car

    5.cigarettes - This is important even if you don't smoke them. KEEP ONE LIT AND IN YOUR ASH TRAY THE ENTIRE TIME YOUR DRIVING. if for any reason you think a cop saw you with a blunt of anything like that. just reach down act like your ashing and pick up your already lit cig. and BAM. no more suspicion. no pull over, no arrest. remember the cops cant pull you over for nothing. so you mask what your doing with legal things. like putting vodka in a water bottle

    6.WINDOWS DOWN - A lot of people think its a bad idea to keep the window rolled down when your smoking in your car....not true. back windows open enough to let smoke out quickly, ac or heat should be on FULL BLAST. obv. make the temperature comfortable for you and everyone else in the car, but if your pulled over. you dont want that cloud of smoke to escape right into the cops want all the smoke to just disperse into the open air when your going 65 mph on the one can smell that.

    7.Ash Tray - USE THEM, so many people like to ash out the window. don't be foolish, yes ashing out the window gets rid of the smell better, but remember thats why you have air freshener close at hand. why on earth would you risk anyone watch you stick a blunt out the window just to avoid getting some ash in your car, and on top of that if you have that cig lit like i mentioned before, all that ash looks the same. just empty the tray when ever your getting out of the car. weather it be to get a drink or w/e it may be. don't forget to always toss out EVERYTHING, this is another reason the ashtray is helpful. its keeps all your waste in one place. so you can toss all at one time without looking suspicious. your just dumping your old cigs in a garbage can.....right?

    8.The Extra Mile - if your going to college, or even if your not. find out the BEST school in your area. the one with the highest earning grads, your law schools, your medical schools. and put there sticker on your car! it just makes you look more like a go getter and less of a stoner, just one more reason for a cop to let you go

    these are only a few simple yet overlooked aspects of being safe while cruising.

    if you have anything else to add PLEASE DO!

  2. good guide
    happy i can smoke in my bed :)
  3. The bumper sticker is a good idea but it sounds so pretentious.
  4. good guide. +rep
  5. I guess it's good to be a little causious but I think this guide is a little over the top for me..
  6. #6 is pretty smart actually. Socio-economic profiling for the win lol.
  7. Good guide about the part saying cops can't pull you over for nothing: They can pull you over for ANYTHING. They'll pull anything out of there ass. To fast, to slow, tailgating, swerving, on the phone. They can say anything they want, doesn't matter if its true or not.
  8. :cool: .
  9. Pretty good guide, maybe add visine incase you get pulled over with eyes red as hell.
  10. yea dude, agree with whoever said cops can pull you over for anything, my friend got pulled over after leaving my house, from here its a long straight road, then a right turn, into his driveway...well it was before i moved but anywho, he got pulled over for failing to use a turn signal, while going straight, and i saw him blinker outta my driveway, he didnt have shit on him, but the pot leaf bumper sticker along with the tool, metallica stickers and it being aroune 11:30 pm causes suspicion
  11. that should be in the "Guide To Getting Caught" :D
  12. Nice guide man.
  13. 8. Don't drive while high. No matter how "good" of a driver you think you are when you're high.:rolleyes:
    I love riding around in a car while high but actually driving when you're on the moon is seriously irresponsible. Would you drive while you're drunk too?
  14. Not a very even comparison...have you ever driven high? Don't get me wrong I'm not promoting it, but I'm definitely not totally against it if its necessary.
  15. Follow all rules of the road and you will be fine. Iv never been pulled over in the 6 yrs of driving. Know the roads and the town you'll be fine. Smoking stationary is the worst idea in a car. I don't use the ash tray that's the first place cops look and will smell. Actualy some of these tips will get you in trouble.
  16. Nice guide bro, +rep.
  17. i agree with the ozium thing all day haha. i was just on a ride like twenty minutes ago and when comin back i reached in the compartment to get out the ozium and there was none left :eek::eek:
  18. nice guide
    i enjoyed reading it

  19. It goes from 6 to 7 back to 6, lol. As well as ash tray is all lower case when the rest of the titles were upper case. Don't mean to bash ya, but it would make it look neater and more organized.

    Otherwise, good guide. A lot of really nice tips in there. I think the ozium(sp) might be a little bit overkill though, maybe the tree fresheners or the ones you stick in the air vents would work if you replace them often.
  20. Where can I purchase Osium?

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